Best and Easy Way to Shave Your Underarm Hair

Shaving is an easy way to remove the armpits hair and inexpensive way to get rid of your underarm hair. Hair removal is a grooming practice that many feel has esthetic and hygienic advantages. Many women feel that their body hair is a masculine trait that subtracts from their femininity. Body hair, depending on ethnicity or hair type, may also be dark and coarse, which affects appearance and self-confidence levels for many people.

Today, most women in the Western world shave their underarm hair. In some cultures, such as the Islamic culture, men and women both remove their underarm hair as part of their religious faith.

Shave Underarm Hair

While many girls learn how to shave underarms on their own, most are not learning the correct way. Not doing it right can mean irritated skin and, even, leave you extremely sore. By learning the right way to shave underarms, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

  • The first step to shaving underarms is to find a razor especially made for women.┬áSelect a razor that has multiple blades for an efficient shave. Also find a razor with a comfortable handle that is easy to hold and maneuver.
  • Lather your armpit with water and soap. During the shaving process, keep the armpit sudsy to ensure a smooth shave and avoid friction which could cause cuts.
  • Use the hand of armpit you’re going shave take your thumb and pull the skin of your armpit towards your breast, making the skin taught. With your free hand make short vertical strokes up your armpit towards your head. Rinse the blades of the razor after each stroke to remove stubble and unclog the blades.
  • Rinse the armpit and proceed to the next armpit, repeating the process until all of the unwanted hair is removed.


  • Never attempt to shave with a razor while your skin is dry. This friction causes cuts and razor burn.
  • Never use a razor that has a rusty blade. This could cause infection if you cut yourself.
  • Never use horizontal strokes when shaving; this causes cuts and ingrown hairs.