5 Holistic Ways to Burn Your Calories in the Late 50’s

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for everyone. But it is even more vital when you get older. But for several reasons, losing excess fat becomes more difficult after we reach our fifties. However, maintaining healthy body weight as we age is still important. To do that, we should consider getting outside help. Getting information from others and care services for elderly will help you decide which exercise is better for you, depending on your body’s endurance. But if you still manage yourself well, then there is no harm in trying to burn calories on your own.

Here are some ways to burn fat. Ones that really anyone can do.

1. Get Moving, Jog or Walk Your Way To Health

Walking is the best form of exercise, especially for beginners. It is easy to do and puts little to no strain on the body. If you add just thirty minutes of walking per day, you could burn about one hundred and fifty worth of calories. When exercising, it is important to burn more than you eat. If this is too much walking, then don’t worry. You can start with a few minutes of walking, rest, then start again. Remember, all movements and exercise are essential. But it is also important to know your limits. Take breaks when you need to. Exercising also helps you psychologically.

Walking makes our brains produce a chemical called endorphins. This process is also known as the ‘runner’s high.’ It helps boost a positive mood and increase the blood flow in your mind and body.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Initially, our weight was said to be determined purely by nutrients and movement levels. But that isn’t the only case. Now, we understand obesity has more causes. One of which is sleep.

As adults, we require seven to eight hours of sleep. And more for children. Anything less will cause a hormonal imbalance in us. This will affect the hormones called Leptin and ghrelin. These hormones cause us to quickly gain weight and become more hungry. The hormonal imbalance also affects our growth hormones. This disturbance gives the desire for high-calorie food. 

3. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Instead of focusing on eating a lesser amount of food, try taking things with a lower amount of calories. Fruits and vegetables not only fit that criteria, but they are also rich in many vitamins and minerals you need as you age, including fibre. Fibre is a roughage that helps your stomach feel full. Not only do they provide fewer calories, but it also takes longer to digest. Making you feel full longer on fewer calories. Many of the fibers you can take come from apples, bananas, berries, pears, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, etc.

4. Watch Out For Added Sugar

Added sugar refers to any sugar added during the processing and preparation. This includes pastries, energy drinks, sodas, and even breakfast pancakes.

Sugary food and drinks fill you with calories but don’t kill your appetite. People who don’t drink sugary beverages gain less weight over time than those who do. Despite what was said earlier, fruits and vegetables, juices, and smoothies contain a high amount of added sugar. Therefore, it is advised to avoid these when attempting to lose weight.

5. Set Realistic Goals (mini goals)

After you decide to lose weight, you probably have an image of the type of body you want. Less fat, lean, or maybe less curvy. Something that makes you feel good or just healthier. When going through this journey, it is crucial to set realistic goals. And start small. Don’t start by shooting to fit into an outfit several sizes smaller. Do a few minutes of exercise and increase it every day/ week, stop adding sugar, but substitute it with healthier ones, like honey or fruits, and get outdoor time and sleep. Remember, every milestone you make is an accomplishment. Even modest weight loss will improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels.


The generation is different than what it used to be. The new time makes everything more accessible and easier than before. Now, we can work, buy and socialize just by sitting in one spot. This made it easier for everyone to develop different diseases, including obesity. Luckily, it also gave way to new forms of research, medicine, and ways to health which has helped us immensely. It is easier for the elderly and sick to live happy and fulfilling lives with less fear and hassle than ever before. Every milestone matters, and every fallback isn’t the end. Keep pushing forward. Hope this article helped.