Pancreatic Cancer Prevention with Diet

If you’re concerned you may be at risk for pancreatic cancer, you will want to follow the typical cancer prevention diet, one full of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. However, once you’ve been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, there are some special considerations you will have to make.

If you’ve been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you’re going to have to make some significant changes in your diet to help you keep your strength up as you fight the cancer. Pancreatic cancer patients often lose weight because they have trouble digesting fats, due to the lack of enzyme and insulin production by the pancreas.

While research on this topic is ongoing and new dietary suggestions are always being discovered, the following suggestions are commonly trusted as a pancreatic cancer treatment diet.

Eat Five to Six Small Meals a Day

You’ll want to avoid eating a lot at once, yet you need to be able to maintain your weight and strength as you undergo the pancreatic cancer treatments prescribed. This is best done by drinking and eating small amounts throughout the day, always taking your enzyme replacement medication along with each mini-meal.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Try to keep your carbohydrate intake high and your fat intake low. You may want to try things like breads, yogurts, puddings and vegetable stews. Look for foods that are dense in calories without being high in fat.

Make Sure You Get Enough Calories

You may want to try out different protein bars and high energy drinks to help you get the calories you need. However, not all energy bars and drinks are created equal. Ask your doctor for suggestions as to the best bars and drinks on the market. You’ll want to look for food items that are packed with vitamins and supplements such as Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT Oil) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA). Avoid food items that are high in processed sugar as this can adversely affect your recovery.

Take your enzyme replacement medication regularly

Make sure to keep your enzyme replacement medication with you so you can properly digest your food.