Take Prevention Of Insect Sting Allergy

Take precautions to avoid insect stings in the future.

  • Avoid nests or hives of stinging insects.
  • Do not wear bright clothing or perfumes that might attract bees and wasps.
  • Remain calm and quiet around flying insects. Move slowly.
  • Take special care when around food or drinks outdoors, as at cookouts or picnics. Stinging insects are attracted to foods, especially sweet foods such as soft drinks.

Evaluation by an allergist for desensitization injections has been shown to be of benefit.

Obtain one or more epinephrine injection kits if this has been prescribed for you.

  • Keep the kit(s) in convenient locations and have one near you at all times.
  • Read the instructions right away and review them often.
  • It is important that you be able to get to the kit and use it quickly in case of a reaction.
  • Make sure your family members and closest friends know how to use the kit as well.
  • Any time this device is used, you must go immediately afterward to your health care provider or to a hospital emergency department.