17 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

Doesn’t your job steal all your precious time? You have to stay at an office to do what you haven’t done today instead of going out with buddies or picking a gift to treat a woman of your dream. If this is your case, here are quick tips for you.

No self-discipline, no success

This is the first rule to consider regardless of whether you are a freelancer or an office worker. Your strength of will lives in your own body and your brain!

Write a to-do list for every single day

It’s very important to divide your entire workload right. Since no one can fulfil everything within 24 hours, there should be a fixed number of items for each working day.

Find out when you perform best

We all have different biorhythms so the effectiveness of your work is directly linked to your biological clock’s activity. Estimate how well you perform and plan your schedule accordingly.

Keep your workplace in order

Surprisingly, it matters a lot. After removing all the unnecessary stuff from your desk, you will never have problems with finding documents or instruments you need right now. What is even more essential, you will create the right atmosphere.

Hang a whiteboard

Here you will put all your tasks. Every time when you raise your eyes, you will see the big picture of what is to be done yet.

Sleep well

If you don’t get enough of sleep, your brain stops working properly, it’s easy. Structure your day wisely and leave at least 7-8 hours for this.

Do the most unpleasant things first

There will always be some part of work you will hate (or just dislike). Many people delay such tasks for as long time as possible but it is actually wrong. The earlier you finish them, the better your mood is during a day!

Or delegate them to somebody else if possible

Why not hire freelancers? Of course, there are many factors to take into an account prior to doing so.

Manage your time

There are apps that show how much it takes you to do something. You should definitely install those on your smartphone to get the better vision.

Apply filters to your inbox

You probably receive tens of emails during one day. And how many of them are piled there when you return from a long vacation? It’s another kind of art to organize them as it should be.

Turn all the notifications off

Even though you don’t answer messages on your social networks until everything’s done, you will nevertheless be disturbed every time someone texts you.

Determine priorities

Before you start managing your multiple businesses, figure out in what order they need to be done. If you fail to prioritize them correctly, your work will turn into the absolute chaos.

You need to just start

By all means, this is the hardest step to take. Within just 15-20 minutes, you get completely buried in your working process so it becomes less easy to drag you away from it.

Put deadlines

Not always they should be set by your boss or your clients. You are completely free to give them to yourself. It is a proven fact: when something should be done in within a certain period of time, you work harder.

Find how to reward yourself

This is a good way to change your attitude to work for the better. It may be literally anything you enjoy doing, watching, or eating.

Take breaks regularly

When you continuously work for long hours, your organism gets tired and becomes unable to perform qualitatively. There is no strict rule when to do it choose your preferred intervals.

Don’t undertake too many responsibilities

It is okay to put higher expectations but they should be realistic. There will always be something that will decrease your efficiency, make it count.

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