10+ Free iPhone Medical Apps For Doctor And Students


A Vet Tool

Developed for the iPhone and iPad, this app is designed specifically for veterinarians, vet technicians and other professionals in the veterinary field. It has received nearly 70 ratings with an average of 4 stars. The app includes a drug formulary with over 650 drugs for small animals, common blood value lab results, a collection of x-ray comparisons and a series of 9 calculators like a conversion calculator and gestation calculator.

Terminology and Abbreviations

Medical Terminology and Abbreviations Quick Reference

This is one of the highest selling medical terminology apps of all time. It has received over 500 ratings with an average of 3 stars. The developer says the app has been installed 50,000 times. It provides a comprehensive medical dictionary for physicians and students.

Eponyms (for students)

This app has received 4,362 ratings with an average of 3.5 stars across all versions. It allows you to quickly look up the meaning of over 1,700 medical eponyms using full text search or by selecting from one of 28 categories. Users can create a starred list of eponyms to track those they tend to forget. There is also a “learn mode” that will randomly display an eponym from the category you’re visiting. Developed for the iPhone and iPad.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary

Contains over 60,000 terms, 1,000 photos and more than 600 Patient Care Statements. Also included are medical abbreviations, symbols and units of measurement, immunization schedules, nursing diagnoses, and more.

Study Guides


This easy-to-use medical reference application is ideal for medical students and residents. It includes normal lab values, how to write service notes, and additional reference material that is useful while on the wards and in clinic. The latest version has 70 customer ratings and an average of 3.5 stars.


Busy students can prep for their board exams by reviewing electronic drug information on their iPhone or iPod Touch. nursing students can study electronic nursing review cards to prep for the NCLEX-RN, on their iPhone or iPod Touch so they can test their nursing knowledge anytime, anyplace

Social Apps


Think of Doximity as a private, secure Facebook for doctors. It allows physicians to find and communicate with each other. Data is synced between the web and mobile apps so users will never lose information and always be able to get to it from anywhere. Currently this is the only HIPPA-compliant mobile messaging system for healthcare professionals. The app is receiving high ratings so far with an average of 4.5 stars for the latest version.


Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED

Highly rated with 27 ratings and an average of 4.5 stars. This app is intended for medical students, radiology residents and other physicians that need to know how to interpret images. It is a series of cases that allow users to user to simulate reading CT scans at a PACS workstation. Discussions following each case include labeled images that highlight pathologies and relevant findings. Radiology 2.0 uses stacks of CT images to actually teach the reader how to approach and interpret CT scans.


This app has received nearly 500 ratings. It has an average of 3 stars, but 135 customer ratings give it 5 stars. The app is intended to be a learning tool for medical students and residents. It provides access to over 500 unique images demonstrating the classic radiological findings of a multitude of abnormalities. Users can zoom and scroll around the image in order to identify relevant findings. A heads-up display provides controls to show labels highlighting the diagnostic findings and a short 1-2 paragraph discussion of the findings.

Point-of-Care Patient Education

Blausen Human Atlas

The Blausen Human Atlas 2.0 combines 3D medical animations with a cross searchable medical term glossary and detailed still images. For doctors, nurses, students and consumer caregivers, this is the ideal resource for communicating core concepts, right in the palm of your hand and right at point of care.

Point-of-Care Diagnosis Support

Diagnosauras DDX

This reference tool helps healthcare professionals perform differential diagnosis with speed and confidence at the point of care. With Diagnosaurus you can quickly search over 1,000 diagnoses by organ system, symptom, disease or view all entries. A popular app with over 1,000 customer ratings and an average of 3 stars.


Features continually updated drug reference tools, specialty-specific medical news and mobile CME, physician & pharmacy directories and more. Save time when making decisions at the point-of-care with our fast and easy-to-use application. Very popular with over 17,000 customer ratings and an average of 3 stars.


Pedi Safe – ICU, OR, ED Medications

This app has received over 60 ratings and has an average of 4 stars. It is a reference tool for nurses, paramedics, physicians and other health care professionals who care for pediatric patients in emergency or critical care settings. It is an airway management and cardiac resuscitation app that helps health care providers identify a patient’s weight or Broselow color, then determine weight based dosing, equipment sizes, and normal vital signs.


A rapid reference for RNs, paramedics, physicians and other healthcare professionals caring for pediatric patients in the emergency or critical care environment. The latest version has 100 customer ratings with an average of 3.5 stars.

Lexi Pediatric Suite

Designed for the iPhone and iPad, Lexi-Comp’s pediatric app is developed for clinicians involved in pediatric care or for healthcare professionals that require pediatric dosing information. This app includes drug information from: Pediatric Lexi-Drugs, Lexi-Interact, Lexi-Tox, and Lexi-Lab & Diagnostic Procedures. The app has 32 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars.


KneeDecide, ShoulderDecide and SpineDecide

Designed for both the iPhone and iPad, these apps from OrcaMD provide easy access to information, discussion, and current scientifically recommended treatment for common knee, shoulder, neck and back conditions. The apps are intended for educating patients about their issues and conditions. Its aim is to enhance the understanding of common conditions while answering which conditions may require surgical treatment.

CORE – Clinical ORthopedic Exam

Designed for both the iPhone and iPad, this is a highly rated orthopedic app with 40 five-star ratings. It is a reference tool that helps professionals diagnose musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. The app provides a database of ~250 clinical tests with descriptions on how to perform them, video demonstrations, diagnostic properties and links to supporting medical references.


NCCN Guidelines

From the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), this app providers users with access to the complete library of NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines™). You must register first on NCCN.org to get access, but there is no cost for this. NCCN Guidelines are updated on a regular basis and developed through an explicit review of the evidence integrated with expert medical judgment and recommendations by multidisciplinary panels from NCCN Member Institutions.

CCO Oncology inPractice

Designed for both the iPhone and iPad, this app has 50 ratings with an average of 3.5 stars. It is a digital textbook that healthcare professionals to use at the point of care. The information is developed by hematology and oncology expts and is regularly updated to reflect new data. It also allows you to search three other resources, including the Lexi-Comp drug database, PubMed abstracts and links to management guidelines.

Novartis Oncology Medical Information

A highly rated oncology app with 174 ratings and an average of 4.5 stars. This app allows oncologists and hematologists to download standard response documents to many medical inquiries. It includes a search tool to help professionals find the document they are looking for, the ability to email documents to other individuals and submit medical inquiries directly to Novartis through the application.


Informed RN Pocket Guide

Gives access to the critical information nurses need, in an easy to use app with rich content, detailed illustrations, and pioneering features. Includes vital assessment information, with updated and expanded sections devoted to cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, pediatric, OB, GI/GU, and mental health topics. The app has 119 ratings with an average of 3.5 stars

Nursing Central

Helps nurses and students find detailed information on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures. The moment a question arises you can consult the up-to-date database of 5,000 drugs, find a definition in the dictionary with more than 60,000 terms, interpret hundreds of lab and diagnostic tests, and discover the latest information on a disease. This app is popular and has nearly 2,500 customer ratings.


This is a highly rated app for nursing students. It has nearly 40 five-star ratings and an average rating of 4 stars. The app allows nurses and students to search for 340 common diseases and disorders, separated by body system. There are explanations of each of the diseases/disorders and common assessment findings associated with them. It also incorporates potential Nursing Diagnoses and states potential complications for the nurse to consistently evaluate and assess for, associated with each disease/ disorder.


Designed for both the iPhone and iPad. This app was written by a vascular neurologist. It includes many commonly used neurology/neurosurgery grading scales, including strokes, subarachnoid hemorrhage and AVMs. The app has an average rating of 4 stars.


This app is designed for medical students and neurological / neurosurgical residents. It has 264 ratings with an average of three stars. The app has several features, including: anatomical pictures, differential diagnosis, WHO Safe Surgery checklist items and relevant score and grading systems.

Lab Tests

Normal Lab Values

Displays normal laboratory values to help medical professionals interpret test results. Reference values are shown in US and SI units. Includes search field to find values quickly. The latest version has 92 ratings with an average of 3 stars.

Pocket Lab Values

The perfect companion for medical students, residents, nurses, and other medical staff while working in a hospital. It provides quick access to common lab values, quick info about a particular lab value, as well has links to sites such as Wikipedia, Google, and MedlinePlus. The latest version has 84 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars.

Laboratory Gear Medical ~ Lab Values, Differentials & Symptoms

19 ratings with an average of 4.5. A Quick pocket tool for medical laboratory tests. Includes over 250 different laboratory tests from most systems (e.g. hematology, immunology), testing sources (e.g. urine samples, amniotic fluid) and lab types (e.g. enzymes, lipids, red blood cells).