Top 20 Stunning Fashion Apps For iPhone: You Must See This

One benefit of having a fashion blogger who is also a tech geek and tech blogger is more topics!  I just wrote a post over at The Next Web titled: 20 Fashion Apps for the iPhone. Here is the list with links to iTunes, their iTunes store descriptions and prices in USD. To round out the list, I’ve included five more I dug up on my own.

1. Trendstop TrendTracker

Trend reports, style industry news feeds and fashion photo gallery’s by’s professional trend spotters, from fashion events and venues around the globe. Cost: free.

2. The Fashion Handbook

Fashion is the style and custom prevalent at the given time. In its most common usage however, “fashion” describes the popular clothing style. Cost: $9.99

3. Social Mall

SocialMall puts local shopping & malls in your palm. Use it as a shopping companion – with its location awareness, you can browse for interesting articles and retailers. Cost: free.

4. Chicfeed brings together photos from the web’s top style / fashion blogs and puts them on one site which saves you time and puts all your photo view interests in one place! Cost: free.

5. Teen Vogue Haute Spot

Have you ever wished you could peak into the closet of a Teen Vogue fashion editor? Well, now you can! The Teen Vogue Haute Spot app is an all-access pass to the amazing clothes and accessories found in the pages of Teen Vogue magazine. Cost: free for now but they claim they’ll be charging for the app soon.

6. MyFendi

An experience lying between fantasy and reality that gives space to creativity and stimulates desire. Cost: free.

7. Target

Can we help you find something? The Target app gives you tools to simply and streamline your shopping experience at Target stores and Cost: free.

8. Inditex – Zara

See new arrivals every week. Also season photos, lookbook and collection. Cost: free.

9. Tattoo Patterns

Get inspired by 128 different designed tattoo patters! Each one is different and unique! Cost: $1.99

10. Victoria’s Secret

Anywhere, anytime, on-the-go, at your fingertips. This is the destination for all things Victoria’s Secret. Cost: free

11. Elle Shopping Guide

Uncover the hottest places to find the latest fashions and top trends with ELLE’s new Shopping Guide. Cost: free.

12. Sales Buddy

Going to the sales? With Sales Buddy you can enjoy all the fun of the sales and keep track of how much you’re spending. Cost: $0.99.

13. Bra-Fitter

You may know your size. You may be mistaken. Can you afford to take the risk? Cost: $1.99.

14. Seventeen Fashion Finder

Seventeen Magazine’s Fashion Finder. Cost: free.

15. Brides Dressing Room

Brought to you by BRIDES Magazine, Brides Dressing Room is the first-ever digital shopping concierge for bridges on the go. Cost: free.

16. Distill – Photography

Distill Magazine is a digest of the best photography and design from the international style and fashion press… Cost: $4.99.

17. Closet Friend

This application allows the user to archive pictures of what they wore for specific events in history. Have you ever asked yourself, “Wha did I wear to that business meeting in June?” or “What tie did I wear to that last corporate lunch meeting?” Cost: $0.99.

18. Sartorialist

Browse the recent Sartorialist photos featured on from your iPhone. Cost: free.

19. Pro Make Up

Pro Make Up, my very own makeup guide. Cost: $3.99. Ranking: 2 1/2 stars.

20. Fashion Sense

Your fashion makeover has been approved by industry leaders! Cost: $1.99. Ranking: 2 stars.