Applying Eye Makeup for Small Eyes Tips and Tricks

Applying makeup to small eyes can be a challenge. Too much eye makeup can make small eyes appear even smaller while too little can cause them to appear insignificant. It’s important to strike a happy medium and choose colors that will open up and accent small eyes. Here are some small eye makeup tips that can help give your eyes that enhance small eyes.

Sculpt Your Eye Brows: The first trick that you can use to make your small eyes look larger is to sculpt your eye brows properly. To do this you will need a pair of tweezers and a plan. The shape that you are after will have a thicker end near the inner corner of your eyes, an arch over your iris and an ending point that is determined by a diagonal line from the outside corner of your eye to your natural eye brow line.

Mascara Trick: Another easy way to make your small eyes look larger is to use this mascara trick. When you are applying mascara apply the first coat to your entire set of eye lashes. Then add a second and third coat to the outside lashes. Make sure that you coat both the upper and lower lashes in the outside corner of your eye. Leaving the inside section of your lower eye lashes without mascara.

Eye Liner Trick: Eye liner can also be used to create a larger looking eye. To do this you will want to completely line the upper lash line, however, you will only want to line the outside half of your bottom lash line. This will create an amazing open look to the eye making it look dramatically larger than before.

Eye Shadow Highlights: Eye shadow can be used to create a lot of different effects and looks. One of the effects that you can use it to create is the illusion that you have larger eyes. To create this effect you will want to use an off-white shadow to shade the inner section of your eye lid, and then use a pure white highlighter to brighten the inner most part of the lid even more.

Eye Liner Trick: In addition to using your eye liner to open up your eye, you can also use it to extend your lash line to create the illusion that your eye is larger. To create this effect properly you will want to follow the lash line from the inside of your upper lid to nearly the end of the outer corner of your eye. However, before you reach the outside edge of your eye create a curve upward. This trick will not only help to create a longer eye shape, but it will also help you to create the illusion of a thicker lash line.


  • Avoid dark or deep colored eye shadows
  • Avoid matte eye shadows
  • Avoid liquid eye liners
  • Avoid a thick, harsh-looking eye liner