Bold Makeup Ideas: Beauty Tips for Girls

Bold makeup is the latest makeup trends, for fall/winter are going into a dramatic style, with strong hues, dark shades and gothic allure. Black, dark red, dark purples and neutral shades will keep replacing each other, depending on which facial feature you want to emphasize. Learn how to create a strong, statement making look that will grab all the attention you need.

Create a flawless skin by using the concealer to cover dark circles, and foundation to cover your entire face. Make sure you blend well, and finish with a touch of translucent powder. This way, you can start applying makeup on a perfect complexion and create eye-catching appearances. There are 3 steps of bold makeup.

Bold Makeup for Eye:

You’ve seen bold colors used in fashion shows, and those head turning pots of color at your favorite makeup counter. Now they’re even turning up in your local drugstore in intriguing combination you may think are better suited for home decorating! But you don’t have to be a makeup artist or rock star to experiment with these brilliant shades of makeup. Give your look a shot of color using these simple tips and tricks!

  • Start with a matching shade of foundation. Apply a darker shade on the broader parts of your face which you want to recede.
  • Apply powder and then blush on your cheeks, adding color gradually. Use some blusher on the sides of the forehead and chin also.
  • Use an eye shadow kit with a high lighter. Apply some high lighter on the space beneath the brows. Apply the medium color on upper eye lid only. Swap the darkest shade on the crease, between the two shades and blend well.
  • Put a little dark eye shadow also beneath the eyes, touching the lower lash line, with a thin brush. Start from the outer corner and extend it just a little, may be till the middle. See what suits you. This adds more color to your eyes.
  • Define your eyes with a kajal and an eye liner. Sweep two coats of mascara. Apply a final coat of colored mascara if you wish. Apply lipstick. Blot with tissue and then reapply for a glamorous look.

Bold Makeup for Lips:

  • In case you want to emphasize your lips and not your eyes, you can go for a strong shaded lipstick that will grab all the attention to your lips. Make a contour with a lip pencil and apply it on the entire lips as a makeup base. This way, you can avoid smudging and make your look long lasting. Apply the lipstick and a touch of gloss if you want to make it shiny.
  • Colors you can go for, are hot red, neon pink, dark purple and till the extra black, it’s only up to you to choose how bold your lips should be.
  • In this case, keep your eye makeup as simple as possible, to avoid overdoing your makeup. Opt for a simple. Barely visible cat eye look, or a neutral eyeshadow that won’t compete with your lips.
  • Feel free to experience new colors and dark shades, but give yourself time to get used to it. Make sure you check the color in natural light when buying it, and go for a walk before checking it for the second time and finally buy it. Either it is an eyeshadow, or a lipstick, bold makeup provides drama to your look and makes the entire outfit more sophisticated than it is.
  • Remember that cold seasons are the best time to sport this style, so take advantage and enjoy it. Remember that a touch of glitter can always make the most simple makeup have a Holiday character, so it is perfect for any occasion.

Bold Makeup for Face:

  • The cheeks are distinctly colored. Find the brightest pink and go over the apples of the cheeks in circular motions with a blusher brush.
  • Using the same brush, pat on a slightly darker shade such as rose inside the pink circle.


If you’re feeling a little more creative, draw in a teardrop for a sad clown look or a cheerful sun for a happy clown look, just on the cheekbone. You might like to wear a wig, a fun hat, or a large bow, whichever matches your costume best.