Eye Makeup Tricks For Gorgeous Look

Your eye makeup is perhaps the most important part of your overall look. Eyes get attention, draw people in, and communicate a great deal about you before you say a word. But, if done poorly, eye makeup can be the first clue that you are wearing too much makeup, or are simply trying too hard. The trick is knowing when and where to use different eye makeup looks.

Eyes! What can be more important to our friends, bosses, colleagues and just interlocutors. Never forget, while communicating, where do you look at? Yeah! At the face and then? Directly into someone’s eyes. They are capable of revealing emotions, attitudes, reactions. It is very important to pay due attention to them, their appearance and, of course make up. Knowing how to apply eye shadows and how to create a successful eye make up seems more sophisticated than make-up of any other part of your face because here we deal with a great number of colors, methods and ways to make our eyes look irresistible. And, one minor detail, eye make up is the most effective one. As your eyes are a mirror of your soul and heart, of your inner world and preferences. They are main part of your body and face. It is so necessary to keep your eyes in focus. No doubt, a perfect make up, made in accordance with make up techniques can make a Queen out of a Cinderella. But, be careful, don’t apply excessive eye shadow – it will make you look awful and unattractive!

So, the following techniques can be called the most important in eye makeup. They are basic as well. So, you can gather with your friends and make experiments with them.

Create The Illusion of Depth

First of all, pat attention to what you are applying. Powder and compact eye shadows are the best variant, they can be used either moist or dry, they never leek and don’t make combs. Pencils look beautiful and make your eyes bigger and wider, but if you can not make an even line, don’ even try, your face will look untidy and awkward. Cream shadows are difficult to control.

Be Ready To Experiment

Well, you have green eyes, so the only one color of your eye shadow is green! It is a common mislead. Don’t afraid to make various experiments! Try different colors and you will see the difference and find the balance and an optimal variant! Try a technique of neutral eye make up, and in such a case people will look into your eyes and not at them. But, of course, neutral doesn’t necessarily means, to make nothing out of yourself, it means to use different eye shadows – blue, gold, brown, pink, vanilla, but soft colors.

Emphasize Your Natural Eyes Beauty

There are a lot of techniques and tools to do this! But, first of all, pay attention to the shape of your eyes and their color, remember that you have to accentuate your beauty and minimize drawbacks. Be sure, you have an access to a magnified mirror, it will shadow you the most noticeable drawbacks.

Take Care of Your Eyes

That is the most important point – never take your heath for granted and always try your best to help your eyes stay sharp, beautiful and happy throughout the life.  If you have a poor eyesight I highly recommend you to buy contact lenses instead of wearing glasses.

Highlight Your Eyes

Methods of eye shading and highlighting is used to emphasize shape of the eyes. It is necessary to apply both darker and lighter eye shadows, in such a case your eyes will look wider and you will look irresistible and just sexy.