How To Apply Scene Eye Makeup

Choppy short hair or long spikes with bandanna, fake moles, pierced body and heavy makeup are the few identity traits of a scene girl. Add to this bright, heavy makeup and you would have a perfect look which goes in sync with the wild and outstanding personality of a scene girl.

Scene makeup plays up on the eyes. The mantra of a perfect scene makeup is dark and catchy eye makeup with slight touch of foundation and lip gloss. Heavy black eyeliner, big lashes and bright eye shadows play a vital role in providing a scene look.

So you want to know how to put on cute, outrageous scene makeup. It takes some time, and mastery of wild color combination, but anyone can become a Scene makeup expert. Feeling a desire to finish off your Scene look with amazing makeup? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Scene Eye Makeup Tips:

  • Find a higher quality black eyeliner that you can work with. Liquid eyeliner is best, but a richly pigmented stick eyeliner can work just as well. Black is a staple with scene makeup, but you could opt for violet, blue, gray, or even a bright neon color to change things up a bit.
  • Buy brightly colored eye shadows. Liquid or cream formulas are the best for bright colors, but some higher quality shadows can deliver the same punch with less mess. Look for a bright pink, bright green with gold undertones, a smoky pewter, red, fuchsia, lavender or whatever bright color goes best with your eyes and skin.
  • Invest in a good volumizing mascara in black, or branch out into wild colors of mascara to take the look further. Fake eyelashes are also a great way to play with your scene makeup and add instant drama and glamor.
  • Use an eye primer to keep everything in place, and then start in with the eyeliner. Apply it on the upper lid from the inner corner out to the outer corner of your eyelid and then carefully fan or wing the line into a little tail for extra drama. You can also line the lower lid in the same manner, or even line it in a color similar to your eye shadow.
  • Apply the eye shadow carefully from the lash line to the bottom of the brow bone with an angled brush. Make sure that the color is bright, smooth, and evenly applied to both lids. You can also add some of the shadow carefully to the lower lid, or you could play with more than one color for a retro 1980’s look.
  • Add two coats of black mascara and fake eyelashes for extra effect, and then lightly brush the whole area with translucent powder to keep everything in place. Go very pale and low key with any other face makeup. A little powder or foundation and a sheer lip gloss is more than enough to make your scene makeup shine.


  • If you’re going to be wearing fake eyelashes, remember that the best eyelashes are 100% human hair eyelashes, go for the wispy, soft looking ones instead of the chunky, thick ones.
  • Make sure you do not get the liquid eye liner inside your eyes.
  • Smudged eyeliner doesn’t make very good scene makeup, use primer to prevent your makeup from running down your face.