Make Up for Dark Circles Under Eyes: Best Tricks to Get Rid

A lot of women have given up on getting rid of their bags and have settled for hiding dark under eye circles with cosmetics. This condition really makes you look horrible. You need all the help you can get and even the cover – up just to hide if not to get rid of eye bags.

Eye bags or puffiness of eyes is triggered by several factors. One major factor that you can never escape of having this dermatological condition is the hereditary aspect. There are people who are genetically prone to have dark circles, which mean no amount of treatment can help it go away forever.

There are a variety of makeup tricks that can help:

Choose a Concealer

  • Visit a makeup counter at which you can try different types of concealers before settling on a purchase. Trying out different shades can keep you from making the circles too ghostly or more prominent.
  • Use a yellow tinted concealer to hide dark purple circles, an orange concealer to hide blueish circles and blue, mauve or tan concealers to hide brownish circles. There are even green and light blue products to conceal red under the eye circles.
  • Choose a lightweight, cream concealer product. The product needs to glide on smoothly and not require a lot of rubbing to apply. Dark circles can be a reaction to circulation problems, which can be exacerbated by rubbing the skin under the eye.
  • Step away from the makeup counter and check how the concealer looks under more natural lights. Makeup counters are lit in a way to make everyone look as good as possible. Your goal is to make sure that your dark circles aren’t noticeable in normally lit circumstances.

Apply Concealer to Dark Circles

  1. Apply the foundation you normally wear to even out your complexion. Blend it as you usually would, without paying any special attention to under the eye. Once your foundation is in place, you should be able to clearly see the dark circles that you need to conceal.
  2. Use your specially purchased concealer on the dark circles, applying it in a thin, even coat. This can be accomplished either by using a makeup brush or by patting it on with your finger.
  3. Pay close attention to the area where your eye meets the bridge of your nose. This area tends to have the darkest circles and may need more concealer. Other areas to look at closely are directly under your eye and the outside edge where your eye meets your cheekbone.
  4. Powder the concealed areas with a translucent powder, using just enough so that the concealer no longer looks sticky or shiny.
  5. Apply your normal concealer over the special concealer as you use it on the rest of your face.

Other Make Up Tips For Hiding Dark Under Eye Circles

When you’re applying concealer for hiding dark under – eye circles, use a light touch. Too much concealer will draw attention to the skin under your eyes.

If using mascara, don’t apply it to the lower lashes. Flakes of mascara frequently fall from the lower lashes and make dark under eye circles look darker.

Yellow base concealer is generally the best choice for hiding dark under – eye circles. Remember to counter balance the most prominent undertone in your dark circles.