Old Women Makeup Tips To Look Younger

By the time most women are in their 30’s they have experimented with different makeup looks and colors and have settled in with a familiar makeup routine. As women mature, their makeup needs change. Instead of piling on black eyeliner, false eyelashes or orange-red lipstick, mature women need to focus on a clean, natural application of foundation and powder and makeup colors to enhance their unique looks while avoid drawing attention to changes in skin and features.

The makeup for older women need not be more sophisticated and classy. It is because they have to be specific about the colors and texture of makeup they use. The make up they wear also reflect about the society they belong to, so at this age more than looking beautiful, makeup becomes a way to flaunt the class and hide the aging signs. The basic challenge in applying make up over an old lady is to cover her aging marks and give her a graceful look.

Difference Between the Makeup of Older and Younger Women:

  1. The makeup of older women needs to be more graceful than that of young women.
  2. The use of colors should be done in a more classy way. There should be use of more pastel shades. Excess glittery and skin showy clothes should be avoided.
  3. The combination of accessories with the dress should be very sophisticated and stylish.
  4. Makeup should focus on hiding the aging marks like wrinkles, blemishes and scars if any.
  5. As there is a little less scope to go out of way in hairdo and hair color, the experiments should be done in a subtle way with hair cuts.
  6. It is always preferable to go for regular cuts and suitable trends other than blindly following the fashion.
  7. Remember it’s not about looking younger; it is about looking beautiful at your own age.

Make up Tips for Older Women:

Hairstyle and Color: if you like long hair, keep them shoulder length or till the neckline. A chin length bob cut, or any other style looks great and makes you look smart. Silver is good and elegant but if you still insist on coloring the gray use lighter shades of brown to give your face a more elegant look.

Makeup Base: Before applying foundation, apply a light diffusing primer with a damp wedge sponge. Since mature skin tends to be drier, choose a mousse or cream foundation, which will hydrate skin and avoid settling in fine lines. Choose a foundation with yellow undertones, which offers the most natural coverage. Pink-based foundations tend to look artificial.

Choose a concealer with yellow undertones and light diffusing particles for under the eyes. Use a separate, slightly thicker concealer with a yellow undertone to conceal any age or sunspots and neutralize any red, splotchy areas.

Finish with a light dusting of moisturizing pressed powder compact with a powder puff. If you have combination skin, use a loose powder with a large facial brush.

Eyebrows: As by this age, your eyebrows may start getting sparser and the color of your eyebrows may begin to fade, give them additional definition with a powder, pencil or gel that is similar to your natural hair color.

Eyes: If you like using an eye shadow go for light, neutral and a hint of shimmer. Use single color instead of a two or three color combination. Apply it evenly over your eye id and let it fade into your brow line. It gives your eyes a very natural look. Use an eyelash curler and mascara.

Eyeliners can be avoided but on special occasions you can use a thin line of eyeliner preferable brown or dark brown instead of the black. The brown will blend with the glow on your face and make you look very classy. You can add a touch of shimmer. But don’t ever do the shimmer as it has the tendency to later highlight your lines. Prefer using an eye pencil instead of the liquid one which has a tendency to accentuate the lines around your eyes. Let go off the line below your eyes.

Just a single line on your eyelids will be fine. You can use kohl to make them look wider. But just a thin line again. Eyebrows tend to fade and sparse. Use brown pencil to cover up and an eyebrow brush to blend in all the lines. Don’t go for the black ones at all. They look really artificial actually draw attention to your age.

Lips: Lips can lose some shape and color as the years go by, so let’s bring them back.  If you have a problem with feathering and bleeding color, a great product is lip liner, which will help keep lipstick where it belongs.
A flesh-colored lip pencil is your new best friend.

Shape and fill in lips with pencil to give your lipstick something to adhere to.  Gloss can make a mouth appear fuller and poutier, but lipstick holds it’s color better, so double team with a sheer gloss layered over your lipstick color.


  • No matter what make up you decide to wear, keep it subtle.
  • With your skin now ripening and maturing, less is better.
  • Always go for the barely there look and then accentuate only one feature on your face. You will look graceful.
  • Try the soft, glow and shine look instead of a matte look. People will fall in love with you all over again.
  • Always do your makeup in a well- lit room. That gives you a good look on your face.
  • Go for a style that is natural to you.