Party Makeup Ideas: How to Look Attractive in Party?

The perfect evening party makeup should be glamorous, sexy and flawless in order to make you stand out in the party and to set all eyes on you. You can achieve this by following a few simple steps to apply your makeup flawlessly.

Create a Good Base

Every makeup style starts with a good base. Most women would immediately reach for foundation, but that’s no longer your only option. For parties, you want something light and comfortable, but still able to do its job of evening out your skin tone. You can take your cue from casual makeup- a light, easy – to – apply foundation that matches your skin and goes with all your other makeup colors. Tinted moisturizers also work quite well.

There are times, however, when it makes more sense to use a heavier foundation. Evening parties, for example, are usually held indoors where the lighting is harsher. This can highlight flaws that a light moisturizer can’t always cover up. If you’re going to an evening event, use a more opaque foundation and make sure to try it out under similar lighting. Also, don’t forget to apply it to your neck and shoulders as well – otherwise, there’ll be an unsightly seam where the foundation ends.

Focus on Your Eyes

Eye contact is important at parties, and an attractive pair lets you make the best impressions. Generally, the kind and amount of eye makeup you need depends on the theme of the party. You wouldn’t go for dark, smoky eye makeup for a daytime event, but it might be suitable for a soiree or Halloween party. Choose a style and color scheme that suits the occasion, and make sure it goes well (but not necessarily matches) with what you’ll be wearing.

Define Your Lips

The general rule for makeup fashion is that only the eyes or the lips should dominate. So if you’re going for the heavy colors mentioned above, your lip makeup should be toned down – you can stick to pale hues that match your natural lip color or just go for a clear or tinted gloss. But if you’re keeping your eyes natural, you’ll need to define your lips more. Use makeup pencils to outline the shape of your lips, then fill it in with some color.

For full – colored lips, it’s usually better to use a lip brush than apply it directly from the tube. This helps prevent blotting and allows you to follow your lips’ natural contours. Remember to use long – lasting or waterproof lipstick – since there’s always food and drink at parties, you’ll be using your lips quite a lot. Apply some translucent powder or a clear gloss over it to help it stay in place.

Remove Your Makeup After

You may find it a bit obvious, but many women actually make the mistake of going to bed after a party with their makeup still on. This is one of the worst things you can do for your skin – it clogs your pores overnight and causes all sorts of blemishes (pimples, blackheads and whiteheads). Most makeup fashion products now come in waterproof form, so regular soap and water usually won’t do. Invest in a good makeup remover and a separate lip makeup remover to make sure you get it all off.

Dressing for Parties

As holiday season rolls in, parties and gatherings start filling up our schedules. Sunday brunches, family dinners, company events -there’s a lot going on around this time of the year. And for most women, that means making a few key wardrobe decisions. It’s important to look good at parties, but it’s just as important to look comfortable. How do you blend the two without sacrificing one or the other? It’s actually pretty easy – like fashion in general, all it really takes is some creative flair.

Start by deciding on your personal style. Are you into poised, elegant outfits, or are you more of a casual person? Base your decision on what you’re most comfortable in, then work in some ways to make it look good on you. Most women need a few key pieces: a dress that fits you just right, a top and jeans that go with everything, and some all – around jewelry. Once you have the essentials, it’s all a matter of jazzing it up to suit the occasion.

Next, find a simple, no – frills makeup style that goes with your outfit. Your makeup should be light and comfortable; otherwise, it’ll feel too heavy and distract you from the event. Also, take note of what time of day the party will be held – you may need a casual look for daytime events and a deeper, more sophisticated color palette for evenings. And don’t forget to clean it off afterwards – a lot of people go straight to sleep without removing their makeup, and that’s what causes most skin blemishes.

Finally, make sure to match your look to the occasion. It may seem obvious, but many women actually have trouble with it. You certainly wouldn’t dress the same way for an Easter brunch as you would for a Christmas company party. Plan your outfit at least a few days in advance, so you have time to make last-minute adjustments. Find out what you can about the event – how long it will be, whether or not there’s a dress code, which guests will be invited. These can give you some clues as to what’s appropriate and how you can stand out.