Professional Make Up Tips for Smokey Eyes

You should always only play up one feature (eyes or lips, not both), then why not throw a great gloss on your pout and make your eyes look hot by using these great smokey eyes makeup tips?. Here we will give you a quick and very easy guide to creating a great smoky look, without having to be an expert makeup artist. Plus, if your budget is virtually non-existent, we will help remedy this by supplying tips for affordable color as well as multi-use products.

Applying Sexy Eye Makeup

Sexy eye makeup is perfect for a first date, a night out at the club or anytime you want to look and feel flirty and sexy. Aren’t cosmetics amazing? They can take you from daytime/office “Blah”, to nighttime “Wow” with just a few simple steps.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Sexy eyes have fine eyebrows with a nice arch. To make shaping your eyebrows easier, purchase a stencil kit. These kits take the guess work out of plucking and shaping your brows. At, you can find the Paula Dorf Brow Stencil Kit, which features brow stencils in very fine, fine, natural and full to create the perfect brow shape.

Apply a Base

Use a primer or eye shadow base over your lids and wait 3-5 minutes for it to set. You can also add a dusting of translucent loose powder.

Choose Your Eye Shadow Colors

For a flirty, sexy look, select eye shadow colors such a pinks, plums or greens. Apply a light color over the entire lid from lashline to crease. Add a dark color of the same hue into the crease. Finish by blending a medium shade from the crease to the browbone.

Line Your Top Lashes

Line your lashes with a black ink or liquid liner. The line can be thick as you like but it should extend past the outer corner of your eyes by 1/4 inch or so. Flare the liner up and out as it extends.

Set Your Eye Makeup

Add a dusting of translucent powder over your eye makeup to help it set and prevent creasing.

Curl Your Lashes

Using an eyelash curler, curl lashes and then apply two coats of black mascara. Use a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover to clean up any mistakes.

Smokey Eye Tip for Day Looks

  • Firstly, line the rim of your upper eyelids with black eyeliner pencil, making sure it goes into the lashline.
  • Go over the top of the black eyeliner with a brown eyeliner pencil starting from the outer ends of the eye to the centre of the eye.
  • Softly shade the eyelids using short strokes and smudge the brown eyeliner with your ring finger. For the bottom eyelids, rim with the brown eyeliner instead of black to soften the smokey eye.
  • Smudge the eyeliner along the rim with your ring finger, and draw another line again. For a more intense smokey look, you can do the same as the top lid – rim with black and followed by brown, and smudge. I prefer to use a more creamy formula eye pencil as it draws easily than a waterproof eyeliner pencil.
  • Pad a little translucent loose powder over the lids to seal in the creamy formula. Although it may smudge on the bottom lid during the day.


  • If you make a mess, tidy it up with some cotton buds or an old (but sanitized) toothbrush.
  • Not everyone can pull this look off.
  • It may take a few tries to get it right, but when you do, the results are outstanding.