Quick Makeup Tips For Working Women

Quick and Easy Office Makeup Tips for Working Women

{SCA} Office makeup should be such that it does not create any hindrance in your job. It should be subtle and soft. While applying makeup for office, make sure that you should look natural.

Appling office makeup is something tricky and needs proper skill. This does not mean that you should look dull and boring. You should look great, attractive. At the same time, you should also look confident and make out maximum of your positive personality. While applying makeup for office, you should not forget that you are not getting ready for an evening party.  What looks good in the bathroom mirror may look sick in fluorescent lights of office.

Basic Cosmetics  Used by Working Women

Generally working womens’ makeup kit include following cosmetics

  1. Moisturizer – contain UVA and UVB filters. UVA light protects skin from ageing. Cold cream is popularly used in winter.
  2. Sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 gives protection from UV rays in summer season and even avoid skin tanning.
  3. Blusher – It helps to change your face shape and adds healthy glow on your face. Blushers in light shades (e.g.rosy pink,peach) are mostly used for office wear and applied on apples on cheeks. Carry throughout the day to get a trendy look.
  4. Lipsticks – It defines the outline of your lips. Lipsticks are available in the market in variety of shades. Branded vitamin E enriched lipsticks are popularly used by working women.
  5. Lip-balm – Lip balm moistens the lips (especially used in winter).
  6. Foundation – Foundation comes in liquid, cream, solid and mousse form. It contains a vitamin or talc base. For dry skin, cream foundation is the best and for day make-up liquid foundation is prefered.
  7. Eye-liner – Thick streak of eye-liner emphasize the shape of eyes.
  8. Eye-shadows – Eye shadow comes in many different colors and textures. It adds depth and dimension to your eyes.
  9. Muscara – Mascara gives a finishing touch to your eye makeup.

Preventive Makeup Tips for Working Women

  1. Apply sunscreen everyday.
  2. Choose eye shadow colors according to your eye size and type.
  3. Apply lip liner before applying lipstick to prevent fading.
  4. Less mascara should be used on the lower lashes.
  5. Always check that your nails are manicured.
  6. Never apply powder repeatedly throughout the day.
  7. Apply mud mask or egg mask to your face to retain youth and promote elasticity to skin.
  8. Perform hand massage at least once in a week to increase circulation and nail growth.
  9. Day time makeup should be lighter than makeup for night time.
  10. Use a good perfume to feel fresh throughout the day.


  • Use powder to set your makeup if you have oily skin.
  • Remember to remove all makeup before going to bed at night.