Smokey Eye Makeup Technique with Pictures

The Smoky eye look has become a popular eye makeup procedure because it is simple to create and benefits all types of faces. Creating smoky eye makeup essentially involves a makeup application that darkens the lids and highlights the brow bone. This effortless  eye makeup trick will draw instant attention to your eyes and provide an overall sultry, hot look.

In order to create a basic smoky eye impression, you will need only two colors of  eye shadow, a deeper contour shade and a highlighter. For a quick basic application, you apply the highlighter over the entire upper eye socket, from the eyelid to the brow. Next, you will use the contour shade starting at the outer corner of only the eyelid.

With the most intense color at the outside of the eye and fading as you move in towards the nose; sweep your eye makeup brush towards the inner eye. Lastly, blend the line between the darker color and the highlighter, otherwise it will create an unnaturally stark appearance.

Beautiful Smokey Eye Makeup – Photo Gallery