The Best Light Makeup Tips

Going in for a party involving celebration of a birthday, anniversary or a small get together? No one would like to apply heavy makeup for these occasions and thus one should know the tips for applying light makeup which would help in providing a natural glow and radiance on one’s face. Light party makeup is extremely helpful as it helps a person to look elegant and graceful with a simple yet appealing look. In addition, it does away with the discomfort which a heavily packed makeup usually brings with it.

Before applying any makeup, one needs to thoroughly wash one’s face with warm water followed by a light brushing up of the face with loose powder. One should wear a foundation which is light base as this helps in highlighting one’s eyes and lips. Moreover, a lightweight foundation evens out skin tone but still allows one’s natural skin to show through.

In addition, going in for matte finished products is a good idea to attain a simple look because matte shades absorb light and hence they minimize shine as well as faint lines and imperfections. After that, one should massage a lightly shimmery cream or gel blush the color of your natural flush onto the apples of your cheeks.

Light Makeup Tips:

  • Makeup does not have to be expensive to be good. Look at your options of brands.
  • Make sure that the makeup you use is not cheap quality. You don’t want it to damage your skin.
  • Use skin-friendly makeup.
  • Make sure your makeup does not look like you put on a mask, make it look simple and natural! check to make sure your makeup looks good in bright light. sometimes in bright lightoutside it can look pasty and cakey!
  • Always wash off makeup before you go to sleep!
  • Wash your face before and after every time you use makeup. This way, you can keep that beautiful complexion that you’re working so hard to pump up!
  • Always have a really cute hairstyle to back your make-up up so you won’t have a horrible hairstyle and a beautiful face !!
  • If you use foundation, make sure that it’s the right color, and when you use it make sure you blend it in everywhere. You don’t want to see an outline on your face!
  • Don’t apply too much makeup. You don’t want to look like a clown. Makeup is supposed to enhance your face, not block-out your face.

Light Makeup Look:

  • While applying light makeup it is important to use a light makeup foundation. Go for oil-free foundations as do not make your skin look greasy. Use a small amount, and gently brush around the main areas of the face which includes the foreheads, cheeks, chin and nose.
  • Now let’s start with cheek color. Select a blush that is lightly tinted and which does not contain too many pigments. Opt for light pink or light peach, these two colors always make the skin look vibrant and fresh. Always use a large blush brush to apply the blush, focus on covering a wider area and not just some specific parts. You might be interested in makeup brushes and their uses.
  • When you apply eye color during the day time make sure it is of a softer shade of brown or gray. Don’t make the eye makeup to harsh. Restrict the use of heavy black eyeliner, dark eye shadow or a black mascara because they give a clear sign that you have used excessive makeup. Pick a brow or a gray eyeliner and draw a thin line on the top eyelid close to the eyelashes.
  • Use lip gloss which is lightly tinted or try a clear lip gloss to make your lips shine without causing the lips to look artificial.


  • Always remember, that makeup is not a mask. If it takes you more than 6 minutes to remove it, you are using it too much.
  • Makeup is used to highlight your features not cover them, so use minimal makeup.
  • Always take your makeup off before sleeping, if you don’t you will have acne. Refer to best makeup for acne prone skin.
  • Some makeup products are tested on animals, if you don’t support this then buy products that aren’t tested on animals. Read the instructions on the box carefully.
  • Concealer may get messy sometimes so try not to smudge it when you apply it first, always have a good makeup remover before applying a concealer.