The Most Common Mistakes in Your Makeup To Avoid

These are some common mistakes that women make with their makeup routines. We get caught up in the hectic day-to-day routines of life and don’t realize that with a few simple changes you can improve the health of your skin and how you look. Check these mistakes out and see how many you are guilty of. Then adopt these simple remedies and make them a habit. Who knows what benefits you will gain? Best outcome of all, you just may look and feel better about yourself.


All the makeup in the world can’t compensate for skin that isn’t well primed. In order for makeup to go on smoothly and look its best, you need to think about your skin before you start to reach for your foundation or concealer. “If the skin isn’t properly hydrated, your concealer will look cakey, your blush splotchy and your foundation won’t spread evenly,” explains Liebeskind. For dry skin, slather on a rich moisturizer or a face oil before applying makeup. Oily skin will look best if you start by washing your face with a cleanser that absorbs oil and then use a lightweight, oil-free lotion that will hydrate the skin enough for makeup to go on smoothly, but won’t make the skin greasy or shiny.


The young skin is usually neat and fine, that’s why hiding it under a thick layer of foundation is totally unnecessary.The majority seems to use this trick in order to make sure that all the pores, pimples, scars and other flaws are camouflaged. Instead of using the layering technique it is recommended to purchase a high quality foundation or a tinted moisturizer. These can have the same effect, more they will absorb the same amount of oil excess after the application. Makeup artists swear on the ‘less is more’ principle when creating the base.An extremely covered skin might look less attractive than a fresh and young complexion.

Too Much Powder

Powder has a crucial function in makeup especially when it comes to oily skin types, however professionals advise us to use it with measure. Apply it only to the chin and the nose for a matte finish. On the other hand stay away of applying it around the eyes as it can give you some wrinkles, even if you don’t have any. It will only emphasize the tiniest lines and wrinkles that seem to hide under a natural looking makeup. Don’t add extra years to your age, don;t worry you’ll get there one day.


Unless your going for a doll or other alternative makeup, leave your lower lashes bare. Besides giving an artificial look to your eyes, it will also draw the attention to crow’s feet, puffy or tired eyes, and any tiny flaw you might have in this area. In order to maintain your look refined don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes. Defining the top eyelashes with classy black mascara and defining them is enough to top your look.


The eyeliner applied on the lower lashes has the same effect as the mascara. This faux pas will only emphasize the critical spots around the eye area. Moreover it can further minimize the size of your eyes. That’s why if you go for the bigger eyes look, skip this step. Try to thicken the line on the upper lids as you head towards the corner of the eyes. This is the spot where the eyelids tend to gradually drop. Keep your look young and flawless.