Ultimate Indian Makeup and Beauty Tips

Every Indian girl or woman like any other girl or women around the world want to look good and beautiful. As with others, Indian girl/woman, as soon as she starts experimenting with makeup, wants to look beautiful.

But the fact is many Indian girl/women do not even know how to apply makeup properly. For Indian girls/women it is best to apply makeup that complements their black hair, and yellow toned skin preferably soft, warm makeup as well as highlight their features, especially the face.

An Indian girl/woman should always remember that most of the Indian girls/woman have straight eyelashes, and it will be beneficial to buy an eyelash curler. Discussed below are tips on how to apply makeup for Indian girl/woman.

How to Apply Indian Makeup


Most Indians have a yellowish skin shade instead of pink, so you should not make the mistake of choosing a base that is too pinkish.

Many foundations are now available in yellow shades and start by applying foundation using a sponge (for compact), a brush (for loose powder) or fingers (for liquid or cream foundation).

Liquid foundation works best for dry skin while semi-liquid is great for combination skins. Make sure that you properly blend your foundation with your hairline and neck.

If you have blemishes or dark eye circles, cover them first through a few dabs from your concealer.

If you have dark skin, go for beige concealer shades; for fairer ones, go for natural tones. Make sure that you spread it evenly.


In Indian makeup, kajal is quite central. Kajal is the Hindi word for kohl. Kajal is used by Indian women as a type of eyeliner and is usually applied around the edges of the eyes. Put on a good eyeshadow afterward and never neglect putting on a mascara to lift your eyes.


Line your lips first a good lip liner, then apply some lipstick. Make sure that your lip liner blends well with your lipstick and put on some lip gloss.

For Beautiful Forehead:

Do not forget to apply a tiny bindi to complete the look as it is the vital part of every Indian make up and every Indian attire. Following these Indian makeup tips you can never go wrong with Indian make up.