Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary

An anniversary is an important milestone in the lives of a couple. The longer they stay happily together, the more significant it becomes. This significance is highlighted by the current situation where the coronavirus might compel people to live apart, especially if one is a frontline healthcare worker who is constantly exposed to the virus.

So, when an anniversary is coming up, it’s good to think of unique gift ideas to show the love people have for their better halves. If you’re still looking for a gift for your loved one for an upcoming anniversary, continue reading to find some good gift ideas.

Personalized Book of Love

A personalized book of love is essentially an album of the best moments together with your loved on. You can compile pictures of the first time you dated, the first time you moved in, your wedding, and the times you traveled together.

Some websites offer this service. They allow you to customize the book, add text, and create a storyline before publishing it. You can also work on it yourself. You can compile the pictures, write the text, and have a publisher create a book using the materials you have. The result will be a work of love from you for your better half.

Customized Jewelry

Jewelry is also a good choice for an anniversary gift. You can even give different types of jewelry depending on how long you’ve been together with your loved one. Its starts with gold on the first anniversary until ruby on your 80th anniversary.

While you can easily buy jewelry at a jewelry shop, you can also have custom name rings made for you. It doesn’t matter which one you choose since the important thing is that it shows how much you value your significant other.

Metal Photo Frames

Similar to the book of love, the metal photo frames also show the best times you’ve had with your loved one. You can look for a photo frame that allows you to put a lot of pictures on it. A collage of pictures will be a great way to reminisce. You can also leave some slots open for future memories you’ll make together.

The choice of a metal photo frame lies with its premium feel, and it evokes a modern and sophisticated appeal. Additionally, it can last longer than an ordinary photo frame, which makes it perfect for couples who have stayed in love even with the current situation we’re in.

Wine Club Subscription

If your significant other loves wine, then a wine club subscription is a perfect gift for them. A wine club subscription gives your significant other a regular wine delivery, depending on the length of the subscription. You can expect a new wine selection delivered to you every month.

But take note that there are some states where alcohol cannot be delivered directly to the customers. Additionally, other rules apply to states that allow the direct delivery of alcohol to the customers. So, it’s important to check first before subscribing to a wine club.

But the subscription is definitely a great anniversary gift for your loved one. You can even share that bottle of wine when it arrives and celebrate your time together every month.

Engraved Decanter Set

If you already have a wine subscription, you can get a personalized decanter set. A decanter separates sediment that might have accumulated in the wine. It also releases your wine’s aroma and flavor while you pour it from the bottle into the decanter.

You can find a lot of decanters available online. There are even some shops offering engraving services for decanters that are given as gifts. Aside from the decanter, you can also have glasses engraved so you and your loved one can drink wine using your personalized glasses.

Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller

Here’s another gift for wine lovers, an iceless wine bottle chiller. This will be a great addition to the wine bar you have at home. Unlike other bottle chillers, this doesn’t need ice. It’s insulated and double-walled. The chiller also doesn’t leave the condensation you normally see on the bottle when you use an ordinary wine chiller. All you need to do is to pre-chill the wine before putting it on the chiller. These tools are also dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll clean it after.

An anniversary is a significant moment in the lives of couples. So, it’s always advisable to give your significant other unique gifts each year.