How to Move on from a Relationship When You Are Still in Love

The heartbreak of losing your love is dreaded by almost every person. Sometimes, it looks impossible to let go of what you have been sharing since the beginning of your dating journey. Many people would rather not imagine such a scenario. However, the reality of life is that anything can happen, including a hurting breakup. Whether you are the one leaving your partner or otherwise, you can be sure that it will be painful.

These insights on how to move on from a relationship when you are still in love are for everyone. They should be in your handbook of love even if you wish to never use them. Without further ado, let us go through these tips to equip you for this unfortunate moment.

Do Not Resist Change

Moving from being in a relationship to being single is a big change in someone’s life. If there are reasons for it to happen, the prudent thing is to accept it and move on. The more you resist change, the more you get hurt. Sometimes, one has to look for engaging activities that will help them busy and help in forgetting about the relationship that has just broken apart. Exercises and fun activities also help the mind to relax and focus on other important things in life.

Avoid the Person You Have Broken Up With

After going your separate ways, it is recommended that you keep a distance from each other. The more you interact, whether exchanging bitter words or going back to flirting, the worse the situation will get. This is a recipe for more problems and heartbreak. The best recommendation is to cut contact immediately when both of you decide to break up. If you are still in love, cutting communication will give you a conducive environment to heal and go back to the drawing board.

Forgive and Move On

Forgiving your partner after a hurtful breakup is a big step when moving on. No matter how bitter or hard it is to forgive a partner who has wronged you, doing it will be a prudent idea. If you feel that you are the one in the wrong, seek forgiveness from your partner in a remorseful way. After the forgiveness phase, you can move on knowing that you are both on good terms. If you want to start, click here to see what a dating site looks like.

Love Yourself More

Many people usually forget to love and care about themselves. So, this is the best time to take the best vacation package that you can afford. If you can bring along some friends, fine. If it is not vacation time, practice self-love and care in any other way that makes you feel happy. Many people find instant healing in this, thus making it very easy to get over the breakups and move on. You can always get excellent ideas about this if you read a lot or talk to people who have been through this journey.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Although we have mentioned various things that you need to do to move on, let us all agree that time is needed to heal. Breaking a love bond is not something easy. Some people take longer than others and it is crucial to understand this. However, the tips we have been discussing should be applied during this time to make things better. This is the best time to have fun, talk to a professional, and most importantly, accept the situation.

Seek Professional Help to Cope

If the situation is overwhelming, you should seek the help of a professional. First, they will try to understand how deep the condition has affected you before they take you through the counseling sessions. Usually, you will have one-on-one sessions with a counselor who is specialized in relationship matters. It can be tough, especially if you are breaking up from marriage, but these experts will help you through it. Ensure that you go through all that they recommend, particularly the ‘don’ts.’

The Takeaway

Moving on from a relationship when you are still in love is hard and traumatizing. But with the above insights, you are good to go. Read and master them in preparation for such a moment.