Top 12 Reasons Your Relationship Is Failing

Love is a magical thing. Meeting someone new, spending every waking moment with them until one day, as if by magic, it takes your breath away. You find yourself in love. Most of us  have experienced the beautiful feeling of falling in love by now, but sadly when we’re falling out of love, we often don’t see it coming.

When we are in an established relationship, we quite normally have expectations of our partner. We expect the person whom we love to show concern for our emotional and physical well being, be respectful, kind, and give us a general feeling of safety and protection from life’s stressors.

Once in a while our relationships come to an end. Sometimes they do so when we least expect. However for every failing relationship there is a telltale sign that we can all see and learn to recognize and then take the necessary steps to save it or end it appropriately. All we need to do is to try and keep our senses high and to expect anything. In the following lies, we have provided signs to know whether or not your relationship is failing.

Signs of Failing Relationship:

  1. The first sign of a failing relationship is that the two of you are spending less time together. While once he/she could not live without talking to you, today it does not matter if the two of you do not converse for even days at a stretch.
  2. It seems that your better half is busy gelling with others and spending more time knowing them and having fun, rather than being with you. In one line, you can say that new people start taking your place and time.
  3. Whenever the two of you talk, it’s more of an argument than a discussion or the love talks you indulged in earlier. Your partner would start pointing out faults in you and would not even care to understand your point of view.
  4. They say, when in love, people talk with their eyes rather than their mouth. If you still have that magical eye contact, it’s good, but in case your partner is avoiding any eye contact, your relationship might be on the verge of worsening.
  5. Your partner starts to act oddly and spends more time hanging out with friends instead of you.
  6. Many-a-times, we avoid a person if we do not want to keep any relationship with him/her. In case your mate is following the same technique, making you feel neglected or abandoned, know for sure that your relationship is in the middle of turmoil.
  7. Disrupted communication or no communication is one of the biggest signs of a failing relationship. Your partner would call less frequently or even not call you up at all.
  8. Did you know that your sex life is a mirror of your relationship status? Once a blooming affair, the relationship will have no interest for your partner now. The two of you would have little or no intimacy. Whenever you try to talk about sex, your partner will find excuses to change the subject.
  9. You can also judge the health of your relationship by looking out for behavioral changes in your partner. Chances are your partner would frequently get irritated or annoyed with you.
  10. Criticism best defines your conversations. Your partner is always cribbing about your ways and mannerism and nothing you do seems to impress him/her.
  11. Shared interest and likes lays the foundation of a relationship. In case the two of you are now have nothing in common, the relationship has surely gone sour.
  12. The last sign is your reading this article. Had it been the all so goody and lovey-dovey affair, you wouldn’t have bothered to take a look at this article, leave about reading it in details.

Long story short, relationships are a tricky thing. They can be the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of our lives and also quite possibly the most devastating. From a week staring out the window thinking it will never get better, to smiling under a tree euphorically in silence with your love. The experience can hit all spectrum of emotion. Stay alert, appreciate what you have, and remain positive. Things will work out just fine, either way.