Extra Money Making Ideas For College Students

Students are forever complaining about how they have no money so if you’re a student looking for some good ways to make a bit of extra cash you will be pleased to know that there are lots of different options you could try.

Donate Blood For Money

There are a number of articles floating about on the internet telling you that you can donate blood for money however if you look at the Red Cross website they tell you that they don’t pay for blood. What exactly is donating blood plasma? Plasma is the liquid that your red blood cells float in. Plasma is a yellowish color. Plasma is in huge demand all over the world. That is why you can get paid big money to donate it.

Create T-Shirts and Other Products

An artistic person may be able to start a shop and produce logos for printing on various products such as t-shirts, mugs, and aprons with a DTF printer. As soon as you have decided what products to sell in your store and at what price, take orders and ship them.

Sell Second Hand Items on eBay

We all know how much folks love spending money on eBay.  Often people go straight to eBay and don’t even bother looking elsewhere.  The result is that people go nuts bidding against each other pushing the price right up.  If you are an expert on a particular niche and know the prices inside out you could try and source items locally at garage sales and bric-a-brac shops.  Then sell them on eBay for an inflated price.  Make sure you take plenty of good photos and write up a good description of the products.

Become a Tutor

Every time there are exams coming along, kids all over the world groan at the thought of having to study.  Often children have a hard time of understanding their subjects and need a little helping hand.  If you are a whiz at a particular subject such as math, English or music you could advertise your tutoring services.  Create a website with details of who you are and what subjects you tutor in.  Alternatively you could advertise in your local paper, print up leaflets and generally let people know that you are offering tutoring.

Rent Out a Driveway or Garage

If you are a student that is lucky enough to have a driveway or garage then you can rent this extra parking space out to people.  Just sign up with the website Park at My House and enter your details.  The sort of person who would want to park their car at your house will vary.  Some people are commuters and want their car parked whilst they are working.  Other people might be going to a stadium to watch a concert.  How much you can earn from this will depend on the demand for parking in your area.  If parking is scarce then you could easily make very good coin.

Create Websites and Blogs For Other People

Everyone wants to get involved in having their very own slice of the internet however most people either don’t have the technical knowledge or can’t be bothered to create their own site.  If you have any experience of creating websites and blogs you might be able to set something up very easily.  Of course, how much you charge depends on your own level of expertise.  If you can create really amazing websites with custom themes and graphics then you can charge a lot more than creating something very simple and basic.

Create Websites and Blogs For Yourself

There are so many people busily creating their own sites for profit.  What you need to do is create sites with helpful articles explaining to people how to do things.  It might be that you write about the different methods of getting rid of vermin or it could be what products to buy if you have greasy hair.  You can then place affiliate ads for eBay, Amazon and other merchants on your pages.  Alternatively you could place ads by Google Adsense on Chitika.

Sell Ad Space On Your Car

Yes, you really can earn money whilst you are driving your car about.  There are a number of advertisers out there who want to get their brand across and car advertising is becoming fairly popular.  Basically, vinyl decals called “auto wraps” are placed on your car.  How much you earn really depends on the kind of car you own and where you normally have it parked.  If you park your where it’s busy then you’ll get a lot more money than if you leave it parked in the middle on nowhere.

If you’re a student and leaving your car parked in the college campus then you might find yourself having advertisers promoting gadget-related products because students are their target market.  Often you will have a GPS system placed in the car so that the company knows where the car has been parked and to make sure they are getting a good deal from you.


If you’ve been wracking you mind trying to come up with ideas for making money but without doing the usual boring jobs such as waiting tables then hopefully the above list will be of use.  Just make sure you don’t fall for any of these get-rich-quick schemes that are out there.  Remember, you want to make money, not be scammed out of money!