Boys and Girls Come Out – Famous Humorous Poems

Humorous poetry has been written for thousands of years. Many of us do not know that the nursery rhymes that we sang as kids were made up to convey information of a delicate political nature encoded in what sounds like a silly children’s song.

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Source: Family Friend Poems

1. The Horse Ride

Taking a romantic ride today,
We sat upon the wagon.
Suddenly the horse lifted his tail
And we heard a roaring dragon!

The deafening sound hurt my ears
And the smell burned the hairs in my nose.
My girlfriend sat and glared at me.
Somehow my fault I suppose.

It was my idea to take the ride,
But how was I to know?
It really wasn’t in my plans;
Didn’t know the horse would blow.

The noise and the smell were bad enough,
As the wind blew quickly by.
But I think the very worst of it,
Was the brown stuff in my eye.

My girlfriend’s face turned angry red.
So I figured I wouldn’t dare,
Advise her of the smelly pieces
Of horse stuff in her hair.

The horse finally stopped; my girl ran away,
Stubbornly lifting her chin.
I think that horse was enjoying himself,
Cause I’m sure I saw him grin.

A lesson learned for me today.
Although I must confess,
I laughed so hard I nearly cried
As I wiped away the mess.

2. The Day I Fell In The Pool.

I never saw it coming
I was such a fool
It changed me completely
The day I fell in the pool!

My friend started to laugh
And I started to cry
All that I could wish for
Would be to be dry!

So I ran through the house
Grabbing towels as I went
That’s the day I decided
I’d give up swimming for Lent!

3. Office Policy Change

Stepping into the boardroom meeting,
Stepped out of character too.
Put a red slipper on one foot,
On the other a bright blue shoe.

Stress at work was at a peak.
I could hardly contain my grin,
At the shock on each and every face
The moment their boss walked in.

Eyes moved slowly from my feet
To capture my innocent stare.
Each one of them convinced I think,
I was totally unaware.

Unable to contain myself.
My laughter bubbled free.
At my release, they followed suit
Relief conjoined with glee.

Our memorable meeting followed with
Coffee and doughnuts for the staff.
Office policy now includes
Time every day to laugh!

4. Lets Get Out And Play!

Boys and girls come out to cycle,
The sand is as soft as can be.
Leave you’re mum and leave you’re dad,
When you’re playing around,
You won’t feel sad.

Come with a smile and come with a ball,
You’ll be able to catch it,
If you’re super tall.

Then take the goggles,
And jump into the sea,
Open you’re eyes,
If you’re feeling brave
as can be.

You’ll see lots of crabs
And lots of fish,
You can swim with them all
If you wish.

Source: Family Friend Poems