Fresh and Awesome Poems on Death

Death is the termination of the biological functions that define a living organism. It will eventually afflict all living things. Death refers both to a particular event and to the condition that results thereby.

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1. A Fresh Endeavour

So now I’ve taken leave of life,
I thought you’d like to know, I still
Possess a mind in love, oh wife;
A soulful eye to catch a show of
Silent beauty – ever yours,
An ear to pick the metaphors
Of tonal dance in words you say,
Grasp a thought in verse you pray
Inside your head, bemused of mind,
Softly mournful, intertwined with
Understanding tears.

I’ll drift a whisper o’er to you,
To tell that I am quietly calm;
Keeping time till your adieu
To flesh, upon the carol of a
Psalm of consummation. Now!
A fresh endeavour – we’re forever
One together, resting yonder,
Cross our open plane of blue.

2. Night Close

Under night close
Death rose to greet me.
I turned; looked back,
Though nothing beckoned –
No one cried or mourned.

Scorned by all
– My fellow race –
I shed the byes to empty space, then
Gazed upon the stony face
Of Death anon, and
So chose our treaty.

3. Death in the Morning

The policemen let me in

I walked into the bedroom
(Did I want to do this?)
For one last look before the morgue
Would pick up the remain
And a quick prayer for the deceased

The bed was covered with the sheet
Stretched from its head to its feet
The form that lay under it
Inanimate, Motionless
Could’ve been that a statue
Or a bunch of pillows
Topped with a mask – But I knew…

I lifted the corner, a little uncertain,
Of the beige improvised shroud
And I looked at the face of a man
A man finally at rest
I once laughed with out loud
Bruises showed where his head
Had hit when he fell

One thought struck me
As an ice cube swallowed
that falls near the heart
And just lays there coldly burning
Into fear itself:

‘When you die
You’re part of the furniture.’

Then I whispered

Covered his face
And left