I Know I Love You – Love Betrayal Poems

The feeling of being in love is so intense that it feels like it will last forever. We can’t believe that the other person doesn’t feel the same way. We can’t believe that this sacred relationship has been betrayed.

Share these betrayal poems with your  friends, family members and all those who are close to you and seem them smiling for a long time afterward.

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Source: Family Friend Poems

1. Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Where do broken hearts go?
When they don’t have a song to
sing or have a prayer.
When your heart is bare.
Where do broken hearts go?
When your heart has been
ripped out of your chest
and stomped on.
When your body goes numb and
you can no longer care.
Where do broken hearts go?
To shun themselves away from
the rest of the world.
When they’re all alone and can’t
stand to go on.
To be at one with themselves.
And think…think…
Thinking why?
Why would this person want to
deliberately hurt me?
Was it something I did?
Something I said?
How could they do this to me?
Then the depression turns to
You feel betrayed.
Since your heart just went up
in flames
You want revenge.
Suddenly it turns into this
Bride of Chucky moment where
all you can think about is
Visualizing their blood being
splattered painting itself
on the walls.
You get up
take a deep breathe and
inhale the fumes of
the dead corpse.
Feeling relieved you leave
the scene.
Leaving them like you felt
Colder than dry ice.
So answer this

2. Why Did You Lie?

Why did you leave? why did you go?
you wouldn’t listen when I said no
you said that we could be together
and that our love would last forever

Why did you lie

You promised me marriage, a family too
how could I be so stupid? how could I have believed you?
Constantly arguing day and night
all we ever did was fight

Why did you lie?

I found the message on your phone
you told me that you were alone
she said she loves you and needs you there
why did you do this? why don’t you care?

Why did you lie?

I kissed you goodbye and saw you out
I started packing, I had no doubt
I was leaving, going for good
not because I didn’t love you but because I know I should
you phoned and phoned begging me to come home…

I know why I lied

I chose happiness

3. Where Were You?

when I finally left
you begged me to stay
but all the times you were gone
it was all okay.
it was cool if you partied
till 4 the next night
I was at home crying
but to you it was alright
I remember one year
it was valentines day and I was sick in bed
you could of been there to take care of me
but out cheating on me ..instead.
I wonder if I did that
how that would make you feel
the person you thought loved you
betrays you and thinks its [no big deal]
I think its kind of funny now
that I stayed around that long
did you only push me down
to make yourself feel strong?
I know relationships have problems
I know there will always be
but can you say your man was in a strip club the one day you were at jsc

I know I love you with all my heart
even though its all in half
I guess ill try to repair one side
the other you can have
I miss you every single day
but I know leaving was the right thing to do
cuz if you really love me
you would of never been untrue
Britni Nikkoll

Source: Family Friend Poems