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Identity is an umbrella term used throughout the social sciences to describe an individual’s comprehension of him or herself as a discrete, separate entity.

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1. The kid identity

Look at me,
It is not my true identity,
But when they see the true true me,
I am nothing but a messed up key,
When they see my true identity,
They want to go back to what they thought was me,
But they must not go and see,
Who my true identity could really be,
Just remember I’m my real identity.

2. Identity Of The Self

I suffer from the worldliness
I suffer in silence
A loss of identity

I think
You give me
A sense of identity

3. Identity

Identity please security do ask
As you show them your identity pass
They look at it letting you through
But its that plastic card really you
That snapshot image of your face
Is not what your identity makes
Your true Identity is much more complex
Something a mere image doesn’t reflects
The way you care or feel is part of you
Your inner soul we hope keeps you true
Perhaps you have a real gift
Or maybe others spirits you do lift
It’s the way you laugh and joke
Or the way you give others hope
Perhaps its that you fight so hard
Or that no one can ever beat u at cards
Or that you are a great cook
Identity is not just how you do look
Its how you act think what you find true
That’s the identity of being you

4. Identity of a person

Identity of a person
Identity signifies complexity
Identity identifies with reality
Identity is the bearer of all vanity
How does a person identify with identity?

You define yourself based on what?
They say, they say
You’re kind or moral based on what?
You’re a genius and shrewd based on what?
You make the perfect lover, look for no other

They say, they say
You’re strong without a thought it may not last long
You’ve skills since with a record you run up high bills
You are shy but no one ever talks to you or says hi
You never give up because right now you are on top

They say, they say
You are generous or gregarious when all you are is conscious
You’re innovative yet not the originator of the idea conceived

What are the facts?
That makes your identity intact
When change on identity has the last impact?