Lovely and Sweet Baby Poems

An infant or baby is the term used to refer to the very young offspring of humans.

Here you’ll find free poems. Just read the full collection of baby Poems. Here are some great poems for your.

These new and best collection of baby Poems text messages are in English, Hindi and Urdu languages.

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1. Oh Baby Baby

Thinking of you makes me high
Take my hand and fly up up up into the sky
Oh baby baby
Thinking of you makes my world shine so bright
Hold me tight in this midsummer night
Oh baby baby
Thinking of you rocks me like a typhoon
Touch me now under the moon, baby, I’m not immune
Oh baby baby
Please let me explain
You have slain my pain
Oh baby baby
Our love entwined has made you mine
You are my lifeline
Oh baby baby you’ve had my heart, from the start
I can’t deny, for it’s no lie
I strive to survive for my baby boo
I love you!

2. Baby Please Forgive Me

Baby please forgive me
I’m a stupid little bitch
Baby please forgive me
I’ve acted like a witch

Baby please forgive me
I’m sorry I hurt you
Baby please forgive me
I don’t know what to do

Baby please forgive me
I’m sorry for what I’ve done
Baby please forgive me
In my heart you’re the one

Baby please forgive me
You’re the one in my heart
Baby please forgive me
Can we make a new start

Baby please forgive me
I’m sorry for what I put you through
Baby please forgive me
Can we make this new

Baby please forgive me
Tell me what to do
Baby please forgive me
I’d do anything for you

3. Baby’s Eyes

Baby’s eyes
Are looking at you
He may be wondering who I am
I am his uncle
Baby’s eyes
So blue
Like the color of the sky
It sparkles
It has so much life
In that little baby eyes that I can see
And I know that his eyes are happy
I see it
That baby is a happy and healthy baby
I am so glad for that
Baby’s eyes
Has not even a tear
Baby’s eyes
Are so beautiful
To watch
Baby’s eyes
Are getting tired now
Now it is the time for the baby’s nap time
Need a lot of sleep us you know
Sweet dreams little baby
Count the sheep’s
When you are having your nap