No Matter Who You are – Famous Spiritual Love Poems

It is my opinion that all love is spiritual. It is in our nature to seek a companion to nurture and be nurtured by. When a man and a woman live together and share intimacy with kindness and respect, this is a place where the divine presence rests. Relationships between people have the potential for the greatest holiness.

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Source: Friendship Poems

1. God’s Plan

When I think of my past
Nothing can compare
With how my life turned out now

You’ve taught me the freedom of love
Given me a reason to go on and live
You’ve loved me because I am who I am

The doubts I once had have long gone away
Allowing love to blossom in their place
Into something that is spiritual, even divine

God has brought us together
And I’m so glad that you’re mine
And better yet I am yours

In my heart, it is a heavenly plan
For us to spend life together
No matter where it may lead

For God has stepped into our lives
He is the one who knows best
Blessing our lives as we know it

2. Beautiful Love And Friendship

When we share something so beautifully divine,
A love that is stronger, then a love,
From a mare to her foal,
A love that whitens our hearts,
And purifies our soul.

A love, that has made us all keen,
A love, more lovely,
Than anything we’ve seen.

It doesn’t matter who you are,
Black, brown or white,
We all know,
In our hearts,
That the solution is not to fight.

No matter who you are,
This earth is made for us to share,
And don’t forget,
Never forget,
There’s always some one who thinks about you,
And really, truly,

Source: Friendship Poems