Poems on Power Dazzling and Gorgeous Collection

Power is a measure of an entity’s ability to control the environment around itself, including the behavior of other entities. The term authority is often used for power, perceived as legitimate by the social structure.

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1. Do You Have Power?

The word power is ambiguous and mystifying
Power is interrelated and measurable
The word power is vague and ambivalent
Everybody is believed to have some form of power
Nations and societies are said to have their own powers
The use of power depends on circumstances
Power can be used positively or negatively
The president as the commander-in-chief
Has power to declare war and federal emergency
The congress has power to enact laws
The bank has power to grant or deny you a
Loan to improve your status in life
The editor has power to decide what gets
Published in a book, dailies, or journals
Armed forces have power to defend the nation
Police have power to arrest and detain crooks
Medical doctors have power to heal the sick
Many of us have power to make a beggar smile
Voters have power to elect their representatives
For both the lower house and the senate
Employers have power to enrich and enhance
The lives and positions of their employees
Teachers have power to educate our mind
Husbands have power to please their wives
And keep their children happy and contented
As power cannot be used or exercised in isolation
We should realize that we are all citizens of this world
We owe it to our children to use our powers positively
To help make this world a better and friendly place
So that we can create a just and compassionate society

2. Give me the power.

Oh My Lord
Give me the power
To say yes when told to do the toughest

Give me the power
To say no when I want to say no

Give me the power
To practice what I preach

Give me the power
To smile when someone frowns

Give me the power
To build when someone is stranded homeless

Give me the power
To stay composed in the midst of a calamity

Give me the power
To share with the have-nots

Give me the power
To resurrect a deceased breadwinner

Give me the power
To annihilate poverty from the world

Give me the power
To perpetuate prosperity in the world

Give me the power
To pray to you sans anticipation

3. The Powerfull

I am the power
Below my bower
Are decided
The bullet’s shower
I am the power
If you are rebel

But are capable
I would help you
Like the crow’s pebble
I am the power
If you are weak

My help is bleak
Let you not shriek
Due to oppression
I am the power

All kinds of “cracies”
Are my policies
Brutal use of power
Are my legacies
I am the power

All organizations
Are in collaboration
Always abet me
In all possible fashion
I am the power

Poor are exploited
Rich are invited
For attaining coffers
Looted from the blighted
I am the power

My ostensible fights
For the all human right
Are my devices
That help me flight
I am the power

4. The Power of Love

The power of love
Keeps us going
Whole of Humanity
Show us some charity

The power of love
Keeps mothers strong
When children needs
And hundreds to be feed

The power of love
Keeps lovers on
Say the words
And chant the birds

The power of love
Keeps fathers will
When daily duties
Creep up like hills

The power of love
Keeps all of us
Bounded to eternity
Without the power of love

no wonder of living