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Your diet is always important to maintain your health. During your pregnancy, though, it is even more important since you are taking care of both yourself and your baby. And don’t forget that you’re eating for two now! Pregnancy Nutrition will give you valuable information about what you should be eating. Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy will also give you some tips about what you should eat. Not sure what you shouldn’t eat? Foods to Avoid can help take out some of the guessing when you’re making your food choices. And if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, be sure to check out Following a Vegetarian Diet While Pregnant, which outlines your particular nutritional needs.

Read up on all the different nutrients you need and how they help in Vitamins and Minerals. And don’t forget your folic acid! This is one of the most important vitamins when you are pregnant, so make sure you know how much you need. And what about Vitamin D? Another important element to your diet is Omega 3 rich foods. But watch out for those PCBs and mercury!

Pregnancy Tip

Taking a prenatal vitamin is a very important part of keeping yourself and your baby healthy all through your pregnancy. Biotegrity’s promote the healthy development of your baby.

Many people these days are using herbal supplements to help benefit their health. However, not all supplements are the same. Learn which ones are best for you when you are pregnant. You may also want to check out Herbs and Pregnancy to get the scoop on using some of the most popular herbal supplements, like St. John’s Wort and echinacea, during pregnancy.

Many women worry about how much weight they should gain when they’re pregnant. What is normal and what is too much? Pregnancy and Weight Gain will help you figure out how much weight you should gain when you are pregnant. But remember: weight gain is normal during this time! Dieting During Pregnancy will help you understand more.

For pregnant women who are worried about not getting enough iron in their diet, Anemia and Pregnancy can provide you with invaluable information. A growing concern is peanut allergies. Women often wonder if it is safe to eat peanuts when they are pregnant. Another concern of almost all pregnant women is prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The Medications section details some common drugs that are safe to use during your pregnancy.