Seven Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms – 7th Week of Pregnancy

In week seven of pregnancy, you may not see any changes in your physical appearance yet but the baby continues to grow and develop at a nice pace. If you haven’t done so already, you may be itching to start telling family and friends about the pregnancy. Keeping it a secret it can be stressful but exciting so when you finally tell people, you know they are going to be happy.

The baby is about the size of a pea now, the baby is growing quickly and this is where you need to start keeping up your strength and eat healthy. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins and get plenty of rest. If your body is well rested it will help keep the baby healthy. By stressing out and getting upset, it won’t be healthy for the baby.

As you move further along, you will be able to look forward to hearing the heartbeat and knowing what sex the baby is going to be. As the baby grows you will be able to see what the baby looks like through a 3D Sonogram. You probably have to wait until the seventh month or so before the doctor will offer that type of sonogram.

Baby’s Development

At week seven of pregnancy, the baby should be about 0.44 to 0.52 inches. In this week of pregnancy, the baby will start developing hair, nipple follicles as well as the eyelids and tongue. You will start to see the little elbows and toes starting to take shape. The placenta starts to become visible by now. The internal organs are already forming and the heart has started beating so on the sonogram you may be able to hear it.

The baby is now able to float around through the amniotic sac and the umbilical cord is starting to grow as well. The baby’s nerves and muscles will start forming and the reflexes are starting to show. The lungs are developing more and more everyday. These are great changes and developments but the baby can only grow with your help. Stay on the right path, eat right, take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep.

As the weeks go on, you will start to see the grow and the development of the baby and that is due in part to your good eating habits and also in the way you have been taking care of yourself.

Changes with your body

The wonderful changes that you are experiencing may not feel so great but they are well worth the end result. By looking at you, others may not be able to tell whether or not you are pregnant just yet. Since every woman s different, some will gain weight in this time and others may lose weight. Don’t be alarmed at losing weight; your doctor has been monitoring your weight from the start.

The body’s weight gain or loss is just your body’s way of adjusting to the growth of the baby. You may have increased morning sickness but that should be disappearing soon. You may notice that the breast will feel tenderer and the areolas will change in color due to the hormonal change.

You may also start getting headaches, mood swings, frequent urination, constipation and indigestion. Consult your doctor before taking any over the counter medications, it is very important at this time that you watch what you are putting into your body.

You will also be craving a lot more different types of food now. It is ok to give into your cravings, just be careful not to over do it all at once. Some women may feel their cravings decrease but every woman is different. The doctor is monitoring your weight every month, so if you have any concerns always ask.

What To Expect

If you are still experiencing morning sickness it is likely to subside in the next few weeks. A lot of the nausea comes from uneasiness in your stomach; try eating smaller but more meals. Experts suggest smelling lemons if you start to feel nauseous. Watermelon is said to be a great reliever of morning sickness. Try not to lay down after big meals and try to get plenty of naps.

If the morning sickness gets worse, consult your doctor and see if they may another reason why the nausea is getting worse. Try to stay hydrated throughout the bouts of morning sickness. If the morning sickness persists, you may have to be hospitalized or the doctor may prescribe bed rest. Ask your doctor for any thing that they can recommend to help with the nausea.

The key is to stay healthy during your pregnancy. If you feel something is not right and symptoms like morning sickness are becoming more severe, contact the doctor. Even if it is nothing, it is best to be safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to the health of your baby.


You are still able to do everything you are doing now. There are really no restrictions at this stage of pregnancy. You will be getting ready for the next doctors visit. There will be blood tests that have to be performed to help monitor your pregnancy and your health.

Remember that your health and the health of the baby comes first. If you need to slow down and work less or sit down and eat a complete meal, then do so. Take your vitamins and drink plenty of fluids. Try to stay away from coffee or drinks with a lot of caffeine. Juices and flavored waters are ok. Cut back on snacking on heavy salted food like potato chips, they can actually contribute to the nausea.

If you need help in developing a meal plan or you want to know what are the right kind of snacks to eat. Ask your doctor to help you; there are plenty of websites online that can help you create your own plan if that is easier for you to stick to.