Simple Ways To Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Lots of new mothers get stretch marks during and after pregnancy. These stretch marks can occur with anyone and at any time and they are the result of skin that has been stretched to its limits and beyond. This results in a breakdown of the underlying collagen formation and as it tries to knit itself back together, the marks are the scarred results. These stretch marks are deep in the skin’s layers, and even then you can sometimes run your fingers over the area and still feel a bit of ridging.

Causes of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

The main cause of the development and prominence of stretch marks after pregnancy is the expansion of the skin during pregnancy. The increasing size of the baby in the uterus causes the stretching of the skin on the tummy that develops streaks in the form of stretch marks. The expansion of the skin beyond its capacity causes the collagen in it to separate that appears in the form of these marks. Sometimes these marks can also lead to the excessive drying of the skin along with redness and itchiness.

  • One of the biggest things that you can do to remove stretch marks and prevent them in general from happening is to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking up to ten glasses of water a day is definitely needed to not only ensure that you work the stretch marks out of your system from the inside, but you remove all of the toxins from the outside. While not everyone likes to drink water all day, it is definitely necessary to keep yourself healthy!
  • It is pretty obvious that the statement we are what we eat is going to be true. Not only does the food you eat a lot of effect how well your skin looks but the odor can also seep out of your pores from the food that you eat. Eating a healthy diet is definitely one way to make your skin tighter, softer and just all around healthier. It is also a fantastic way to get rid of stretch marks!
  • A great way to remove stretch marks is to keep your skin moisturized. Adding in essential vitamins and oils along with scar-healing ingredients is by far the very best way to remove stretch marks. Shay butter is a great stretch marks remover and it is known throughout the world for pregnant women. While any cream will work, you want to make sure that you find yourself a cream that is stretch mark specific, as that will probably help you the most.
  • While we all hate it, keeping up an exercise regimen is a fantastic way to battle away all of those stretch marks after pregnancy. Not only will it improve your skin, but it will also ensure that your skin is going to be extremely healthy! Whether you are doing simple yoga poses or you are going all out and taking it to the gym, keeping up with exercise is a great way to ensure that stretch marks do not stay on your body.
  • Keep up your vitamins! Vitamins A, E and C are some of the most important vitamins when you are looking to rebuilt your skin and rejuvenate your flesh! That is one of the keys to removing stretch marks from your body, is to renew your flesh!
  • Maintain an exercise regimen and be sure that you follow it strictly. Exercises not only keep your body fit but it also aids in increased collagen formation and strengthening your body and underlying tissue and muscle structure which may also assist you in being able to avoid this problem.

If you have these nasty marks even after following all of these precautionary methods, the best solution to try and remove them is to use some of the many creams that are available by prescription or over the counter. They range in price from cheap to very expensive. They work effectively though, for many people. They are mostly one of the cheapest methods that you can find to treat this skin condition. One of the best creams on the market is Dermology’s cream. It is hugely popular because it works, it is also 100% natural and Dermology are so confident in their product that they back it with a money back guarantee.


  • Always consult your doctor before taking any medication.
  • If you are considering laser surgery ensure that the physician performing it has the appropriate training and certifications.