Friendship SMS Text Messages Lovely Collection 2010

{SCA} Friendship is one of the most precious and blessed gifts of God. Everyone in this world needs a true friend, with whom he can share his feelings and thoughts.

After our family members, it is our friends who give us the maximum support in life.

Given below is a collection of some cute friendship text messages. Send them to your friends and make your friendship grow much stronger then before.

1. Chewing gum and Chocolate

Love is like a chewing gum,
it tastes only in the beginning!

But friendship is like chocolate,
it tastes till it ends!

2. Good Relationship Doesnt Need

Good Relations doesn’t need
any promises any terms or conditions..

it just need two wonderful people.
One cool like me..
one sweet like u!

3. Dosti

Kal raat maine apne Dil se bhi taaluq torr diya Dost
Kambakht tujhe bhool jane ki baat karta tha

4. Dosti Aisi Hoti

Muskaan Tere Hotnho pe Khushi mere Dil me Hoti hai
Agar dard Tere Dil ko ho to Ankhen Meri Roti Hai
Tu Mehsoos toh krke Dekh Dost
DOSTI aisi hoti hai

5. I feel Happy

Whenever I Miss my Friends
Whenever I Miss my Friends.
I look at the Sky.
Although I might not see the Person There.
I feel Happy that
We are Under the Same SKY.

6. Long, Sweet, Short & Strong Love

“Long” love is Mother’s love
“Sweet” love is Father’s love
“Short” love is Lover’s love
“Strong” love is FRIENDSHIP LOVE.
So always Love me.

7. Friend is Far More Worth Than Gold

Friendship is a priceless gift
that can’t be bought or sold,
but to have an understanding
friend is far more worth than gold.