Inspirational SMS Text Messages Unique Collection

{SCA} When low in spirits, inspirational words can go a long way in lifting up your mood and motivating your thoughts.

It happens often that people around you fall short of their own expectations and end up being sad and dejected.

In such a scenario, it is very important for you to help keep their spirit alive.

In this context, inspiration SMS go a long way. They are very effective in motivating someone who has lost his confidence.We also have a huge collection of new and best sms text massages for your mobile phones in different tropics and various languages like english, hindi, urdu etc.

you can send this messages to your friends and family members.

Go through free inspiring text messages provided below and select one to encourage your loved ones.

1. Faith is to Take First Step

Faith is taking the first step
even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

2. Difference

Difference b/w
Childhood n Adolescence
Earlier-Pretended 2 Cry whn
sleepy, 2 atrct Mom’s atention
Now-Pretended 2 b Asleep whn
actualy Crying quietly

3. View A Negative

View A Negative
Experience In
Your Life
Like How You Look
At A Photo Negative.
A Single Negative
Can Create An
Unlimited Number Of
Positive Prints !

4. People’s Contributions

The world would be lest rich without other people’s contributions, and it would be less rich without yours. There’s more than enough rooms for everyone; there’s a need for everyone. Have a nice day!

5. Be Satisfied With Life

Be satisfied with life
But, unsatisfied with
The results you produce.
That’s the best way to keep
Growing and discover
Your hidden potential.

6. When u r Depressed, Confused or Hurt

When u feel depressed, confused or hurt.
Don’t worry stand in front of a mirror,
u will find the best one to solve your problem.

7. Attending a Wedding for The First Time

Attending a wedding for
the first time, a little girl
whispered to her mother,
“Why is the bride dressed
in white?”
“Because white is the color
of happiness, and today is
the happiest day of her life.”
The child thought about this
for a moment, then said,
“So why is the groom wearing

8. Life is a Book

Life is a book, we all read it.
Love is a blessing, we all need it.
Always be happy, walk with a smile.
Remember in this world we are just for a while.

9. We Do Not Think Enough

If there were one word that could act as a standard of conduct for one’s entire life, it would be ‘thoughtfulness.’ We do not think enough. God bless!

10. The Test of Courage Comes

The test of courage comes
When we are in the minority
The test of tolerance comes
When we are in the majority.