Glamorous Head Tattoo Designs For 2011

Believe it or not, head tattoos have been picking up stream in recent years and become quite popular among serious tattoo enthusiasts. There are only a couple of famous people which come to mind, who actually have head tattoos, and those two people are Tim Armstrong of the punk band rancid and of course boy George.

Though I don’t personally see the appeal with them, more and more people are deciding to get head tattoos. For a long time the head was the last place that a person would think to ink, but here recently there seems to be a huge surge in popularity for head tattoos. Some of the pieces that I have seen done are cool, but I still don’t think that this is a part of the body that I would want to ink. But if you are looking for some good ideas for your head tattoo, then let me give you a few suggestions.

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