Meanings Of Flower Tattoos

Tattoos have been in use since ancient times as a mark of individualistic expression and as signs of identification. People were marked with a specific tattoo design which indicated their loyalties to a certain tribe. Tattoos were also used to mark warriors and to depict their characteristics, Some tribes also marked the tribes women with tattoos which appropriately depicted their qualities. To help you understand better, girls were marked with a tattoo of a Daisy because the daisy represented innocence.

In many cultures different flowers have significance, and flower tattoo meanings will vary from culture to culture. Although there are many flower tattoo meanings which have universal importance and acceptance, for example the ‘Red Rose’ is a symbol of love across many cultures and religions.

Many people choose floral images for beauty or because they are partial to a certain bloom. However, people have attached symbolic meanings to different flower species, which can be a good guide to choosing your floral tattoo. There are more flowers out there than just the typical rose, and many have beautiful symbolic meanings. Here are just a few of the more popular choices:

  1. Roses have different meanings depending on their color. Red is the most popular, meaning I love you.
  2. Daisies: innocence and purity
  3. Carnations: a woman’s love
  4. Pansies: thoughtfulness, amusement
  5. Poppies: pleasure
  6. Violets: faithfulness, choosing to be happy
  7. Lilies: virginity, sweetness
  8. Daffodils: true love
  9. Tulips: believe in me
  10. Lotus: religious meaning to Buddhists and Hindus
  11. Bluebell: everlasting love
  12. Dahlia: good taste, but unstable
  13. Forget me Not : remembrance
  14. Ivy (although not really a flower): wedded love, friendship and affection

Flower Tattoos and Meanings:

The use of the body to express oneself is gaining in popularity day by day, and people across the planet are using tattoos as a form of personal expression. Tattoo art has also grown in leaps and bounds with artists exploring 3D designs and glow in the dark colors. Flower tattoos have been the traditional favorite with girls of all ages, only the body part being tattooed has been different. Let us take a look at some of the flower tattoo meanings:

Rose: A rose tattoo not only looks totally hot and hip, but also has a lot of meaning. This symbolic tattoo comes inked with different connotations and sporting one doesn’t always mean that you are a sworn aficionado of “Guns and Roses”. Quite interestingly, a rose tattoo changes its meaning with its color. For instance, a red rose symbolizes love and respect, while a yellow rose epitomizes friendship and loyalty. Likewise, a white rose typifies purity and devotion, while the utterly feminine pink rose stands for grace and gratitude.

Lily: Inking something as dainty and delicate as a lily tattoo can transform your arm or back into a total head-turner. However, like all other flower tattoos, lilies too are swamped with significance. For instance a white lily connotes purity and innocence, while a pink lily embodies wealth, prosperity and sensuality. An orange lily, however, has a negative import and represents hatred and disdain.

Lotus: Many cultures revere the lotus flower, because of it’s characteristics of blossoming in the muck, it is considered as a symbol of purity. The lotus flower tattoo meanings in different cultures are very alluring, hence making this a popular flower tattoo design. In Hindu culture the goddess of wealth ‘Laxmi’ and the goddess of prosperity ‘Saraswati’ both are seated on the lotus. In Chinese culture the stalk of the lotus is a symbol of unbreakable relationship and the lotus flower is the symbol of creation. In Egyptian culture the lotus is a symbol of genesis and revival, the Egyptians believe that the sun God emerged from the lotus flower.

Sunflower: There is nothing more attention-grabbing than a vibrant yellow sunflower sneaking out of your sleeves or back. The sunflower tattoo has been in vogue since ancient times and has come to presage admiration, appreciation, dedication, loyalty, faith, longevity, spiritual knowing, healing, nourishment, good luck and more. A sunflower tattoo looks really flattering on dark skin and with a host of good import to its credit; there is little reason why anyone should stay away from inking a sunflower on their skin.

Hibiscus: A vibrant hibiscus tattoos speaks oodles about its wearer! Don’t believe it? Well, the hibiscus flower, true to its wild nature, is a popular Hawaiian tattoo and represents purity and life. This tropical tattoo also symbolizes delicate beauty, dedication and love. This delicate tattoo looks especially flattering on women. Flower tattoos not only look amazing, but also have hidden meanings. Apart from the flower tattoo meanings elucidated above, there are several other flowers that carry significant importance. So make sure you know the meaning of the flower before you get it inked on your body.