Remarkable Anchor Tattoo Designs For Girls

Anchor tattoo designs are one of the oldest tattoo designs, which were very popular among sailors. It was often seen as a symbol of an experienced sailor. They belong to the old school of tattoos, hence are also referred to as ‘traditional tattoos’. There are a number of tattoo designs, which belong to the old school of tattoos. They are nautical star tattoos, heart tattoos, dagger tattoos, rose tattoos, etc. along with anchor tattoos. Although anchor tattoos belong to traditional tattoos, they have gained popularity among the young people as well. Now this tattoo design has also become popular tattoo designs among girls.

Anchor tattoos for girls can be made on the upper arm, chest, biceps, etc. A small anchor tattoo can also adorn the wrist. There are a number of celebrities, who sport this tattoo design. There is Amy Wine house, who sports a number of tattoos of this kind. Winston Churchill is also said to have got himself tattooed with an anchor tattoo. However, I like the anchor tattoo sported by the cartoon character Popeye the most. When you decide to get yourself an anchor tattoo, talk to your tattoo artist, so that you will be able to choose the latest tattoo design which will suit your personality the best.

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