Shamrock Tattoos – Real Body Art

Even if you think you know shamrock tattoos, they are worth a second look. The shamrock is, perhaps, the most easily recognizable symbol of Ireland. Sometimes thought of as a ‘lucky clover’, the shamrock symbolizes the luck of the Irish. It calls to mind the grassy slopes of its country of origin, and the soulful yet optimistic nature of the people that live there. Shamrock tattoos are a perfect symbol of that unique and beloved cultural identity.

For most of us living in North America, however, the shamrock image we are most familiar with is likely to be a bit cartoonist a bright, bold, Kelly green clover. Understandably, though these clover tattoo designs might appeal to some people, they aren’t to everyone’s taste. There’s a lot more to shamrock tattoos than this popular image, however; for instance, shamrock tattoo designs are often done in Celtic style, filled in with the classic triple spiral or Celtic notwork. Alternatively, the shamrock design can form the center of a Celtic cross, or Celtic designs fill it in.

Shamrock Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism:

Shamrock tattoos are associated with fortune and wealth and has been a known symbol of prosperity for over centuries. You will be surprised to know that the shamrock plant initially hailed as a medicinal plant and it was a part of herbal remedies that were used for curing illnesses. During the Victorian era, shamrock designs became popular for clothes. Shamrock tattoos are also associated with the shamrock that was used to symbolize St.

Patrick the patron saint of Ireland. Soldiers of the royal Irish Army often wear a twig of shamrock on the St Patrick’s feast day, which falls on 17th March every year. Shamrock, as a symbol, also has a political importance behind it. Queen Victoria had established shamrock as a symbol of the regiment in honor of Irish soldiers who lost their lives in the Boer War.

As small tattoo designs, shamrock tattoos symbolize prosperity, good health, luck and wealth. If you are considering to get shamrock tattoos inked on your body, you may consider locations like the ankle, nape of your neck, shoulder, wrist, on your toe and even on your lower back! As shamrock tattoos are small in size and simple in design, they make an ideal choice for those who do not want a dazzling large tattoo on their body.

As far as placing shamrock tattoos goes, believe me, you have infinite choices for strategically placing it on your body. And that goes same for shamrock tattoo designs too. Since, shamrock tattoos are small in size, they can be easily looked after and they will always prove to be a permanent fortunate emblem in your life!

Types Of Shamrock Tattoos:

There are a few different types of design and styles that can be used for your shamrock tattoo. First and foremost is the photo realistic shamrock. This is just shamrock that looks like a real life one or at least a photo of one. There are the old school cartoon like shamrock tattoos. These are the types of tattoos that were done a long time ago and probably the most commonly thought. There are also a lot of shamrock tattoo that are intermixed with tribal and Celtic designs. A shamrock made out of a Celtic Notwork pattern can luck especially stunning as the styles enhance each other well.

Shamrock Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

Shamrock tattoos are delicate designs of a clover leaf and a symbol of fortune and prosperity. Shamrock tattoo designs can be designed in countless ways, with a bit of additional creativity and brainstorming. Here are a few designs you may want to consider, if you are thinking of getting shamrock tattoos.

Shamrock Vine Design

Shamrock vine design is for those who are seeking a large tattoo design and want to include shamrock as a part of the design. Best suited for women, this design will have small shamrock leaves surrounded by a floral vine design, very intricately designed and can be placed on your lower back. You may also consider to place this tattoo on the either side of your torso or on the lower half of your leg. Read more on vine tattoos.

Shamrock Heart Locket Design

Shamrock heart locket design is a clover leaf wrapped in a heart representing love, prosperity and fortune. It is a lovely symbol and can be placed on the top of your chest, just at the end of your neck, like a small shamrock heart locket. It looks lovely on women. If men find it too girl, they may consider combining the shamrock leaf with a Celtic cross, a horseshoe or a tribal tattoo design. You may want to read on good luck symbols.

Celtic Knot Shamrock Tattoos

Celtic tattoos and Celtic knots are popular tattoo designs in Ireland and make a great choice when combined with shamrock tattoos. A great style statement of body art can be made if shamrock tattoos are designed with Celtic knots interwoven within four-leafed shamrock tattoo designs. Celtic knots when interwoven within a shamrock leaf, has a deeper meaning than all the other shamrock tattoos. This tattoo design has a religious importance, apart from being a a symbol of fortune! Read more on Irish knot shamrock tattoos.

Shamrock tattoos can also be combined with love name tats, cross tattoos and shamrock tattoo encircled in the middle surrounded by small curl-like intricate designs on the three sides. By choosing shamrock tattoos you are inviting good luck, prosperity and fortune in your life, as a small shamrock design on your body is sure to bring prosperity in your life.