The Social Acceptance of Female Tattoos

Female tattoos are by definition designs that are favored by women. These type of tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in the tattoo world, probably due to the shattering of taboos that were present for so long. For the past sixty years, it was uncommon for women to get any form of body art and in many cases was looked down upon. But this attitude has changed dramatically recently and female tattoos are now all the rage.

There are some very beautiful flower designs available. Some that you might see are: roses, rosebuds, wonderful cherry blossoms, the tiger lily, lotus flowers, hibiscus and a trove of tropical flower species. There are many women that like fairy tattoos. These very feminine tattoos are Celtic in nature. They come from the folklore of the Celtic peoples. These tiny, wonderful creatures can fly and have the ability to do mystical types of magic. One of the most loved and well known fairies is Tinkerbell. With the popularity of horoscope and psychic readings comes the advent of zodiac signs as body art.

Countless women want to have their birth sign in artistic design residing forever on their body. There are some very distinctive patterns that are interesting to male and female alike. These include Hebrew, Maori, tribal and Mexican cultural symbols. Hawaiian, Polynesian, Chinese and Japanese alphabets are extremely beautiful.

It is expected that these alphabets will live on as body art for years to come. Numerous devoted Christians and Hindus place tattoos with significance to their religious belief on their bodies. Additionally women are adding tattoos of gangs, clubs and organizations they belong to. These have become very fashionable among women in the last few years. It seems that the shamrock and clover are being sported by many because of the dainty, simple illustration and the expression of luck portrayed by them. The darker tattoos are popular, Gothic, skull, sun, moon, and tiger are among a few of them.

Traditional male tattoo art similar to Harley Davidson (biker), barbed wirer (prison), armbands of all kinds are quick becoming used by women. Old school art also is gaining acceptance among women looking for body art. Cherry, nautical stars, swallows, pin up girls are a few among many being used today. Tattoos make a great fashion accessory for women. Not to mention they are unrivaled in making statements of belief or hobbies etc.

If you don’t mind mixing and matching, why not consider a feminine tattoo placed in a typically masculine place? Tattoos on the arms are usually associated with tough guys, but what about something delightfully girlish taking its place? Instead of a ring of barbed wire around the upper arm, what about a flowing Celtic design, or a twining vine of leaves and flowers? Forearm tattoos are often considered masculine, but remember that it’s all in perception. Think about about an elegant design of snakes, or butterflies. Either of these designs can be ideal, depending on what your view of femininity is.

If you are looking for a tattoo that reinforces your femininity, there are plenty of subjects to choose from. You can go with cute and adorable, or you can go with sensuously beautiful, anything that matches how you feel. Remember that a tattoo is above all a statement and whatever the message, it should be one that you don’t mind projecting for the rest of your life!