Quick and Easy Summer Tips for Your Family

If you have kids, don’t need to guess how many days are left until the summer holidays. You already know. Your kids remind you every chance they get.

Soon, their official countdown will reach zero, signifying the start of summer when they’ll be home with you.

To make sure you’re up for the task, check in with this list of summertime tips. It makes sure you and your home are ready for a summer spent with the kids.

Check the weather

Remember, the summer sun is merciless. Depending on where you live, it may push your thermostat into the triple digits!

These temperatures are hot enough to melt plastic and ground flights, and they can be dangerous to your family, too.

Before planning an afternoon outdoors, you’ll want to check the forecast for the day. Whether you tune into your local news channel or tap into an app, look for the:

  • Temperature highs
  • Expected humidity
  • UV levels
  • Pollen levels

Knowing these four things can help you decide if it’s safe to spend the day outside or if it’s better to retreat to an air-conditioned space.

Even if you deem it safe, make sure you spend time in the shade and pack water and sunscreen.

Get an air conditioner tune-up

Although there are ways to cool your home without an air conditioner, none of these tips work as well as this appliance.

Before you can crank your AC, you should make sure it’s ready for its busy season. A seasonal tune-up ensures it’s clean and capable after a season of disuse.

It could also save you major repairs later in the season. A technician will clear your machine of small mechanical errors, preventing them from escalating into bigger issues that need expensive repairs.

The average AC repair costs between $163 and $533 while a simple tune-up costs just between $80 and $100. You could be saving more than $400 by preparing your air conditioner for the season.

Whether it’s a simple tune-up or an outright repair, this service could surpass your budget’s abilities. When it comes to your family’s safety, you can’t live without AC.

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Make your backyard an oasis

Theme parks and water parks are popular summertime destinations. They offer an easy and exciting way to spend a day with your kids. They’re also expensive, especially if you make a habit of going often.

You can skip these costs by spending some time improving your backyard with playgrounds and other toys. Having a backyard that promises hours of fun is an affordable alternative to costly amusement parks.

You don’t even have to sink a lot of money into creating a backyard oasis. Small, big, unrefined, or manicured — any backyard can be a place to play as long as you clear it of safety hazards.

Next to Christmas, the summer holidays are your kids’ favorite time of year. Not only do they get to escape the classroom, but they also get to spend it with you. Make sure you’re ready for a summertime together. That way you both can enjoy the season!