Healthy Weight Gain Diet Foods and Tips

How to Gain Weight Healthy Way

While most people have weight to lose, there are some who need to gain weight. Being underweight can be just as unhealthy as being overweight.

{SCA} Hence this diet revolves around consuming 500 additional calories a day, which experts agree is optimum for controlled weight gain. If eating an extra 500 calories a day doesn’t seem to be doing the trick after a couple of weeks, you can experiment with 700 additional calories.

Weight gain is something that isn’t easy to do. Hopefully these weight gain tips will help you to achieve your goals. One of the best weight gain tips to remember is Do Everything Big! That means eat BIG and lift BIG to get BIG. Say that over and over again in your head until you fully understand it. Many people think weightlifting is the key to gaining weight. Of course weightlifting is an extremely important part. However to gain weight, think beyond weightlifting! Your diet is just as important when it comes to gaining weight.

Weight Gain Diet Foods

Milk (3 Glasses): Milk is packed with protein, the ingredient necessary to put on muscle mass. Start the day with a glass of milk, drink it over the next few meals until you are done with more than 3 glasses.

Fruits & Vegetables (5 Servings): Eating fruits and vegetables help prepare our bodies for healthy weight gain. They are rich in fiber and vitamins, and aid us in digesting our weight gain diet foods.

Breads: Choose hearty and dense breads such as oat bran and whole wheat rather than light white breads. Eat them with generous servings of peanut butter and jam.

Cereals: Cereals make great weight gain diet foods. Eat more dense cereals such as muesli, grape-nuts, granola, shredded wheat and bran or wheat chex. Avoid flaked cereals. Remember to use low fat milk instead of water when preparing hot cereals and garnish with nuts and dried fruits.

Beverages: Drink more filling beverages like shakes, milk, fruit juices instead of water, tea, coffee and sodas. Go for the higher calorie content.

Healthy Weight Gain Diet Plan – Weight Gain Tips

  • Increase the frequency as well as amount of food at each meal gradually. Eat 5-6 times a day with 3 large and 3 small meals alternatively. Drastic changes in diet should be avoided.
  • Balanced diet and regular exercise should go hand in hand. It helps in enhancing the process of metabolism in your body.
  • Proteins help in increasing the muscular mass. 2.2 gm proteins per kilogram of your weight should be present in your weight gain diet foods. A high protein diet is therefore preferred.
  • Milk is essential for building up of the muscles.
  • Unsaturated fat and carbohydrates are packed with calories and thus become very important in a weight gain diet chart. They should cover 30-60% of the weight gain diet.
  • The nutritional supplements should be taken only after consulting a physician.
  • If you know about the nutrition facts, you can enjoy a variety of weight gain diet foods. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be sensibly blended in a weight gain diet chart.
  • Fruits and vegetables are good for the essential supply of vitamins and minerals. Eat as many as possible.
  • Plan your meals well in advance so that all the required food items are available when required. Track your daily calories and weight. Once you know that you are gaining weight, it will keep you motivated to follow the weight gain diet chart further.
  • Drink milk, milk shakes or juices instead of tea or coffee.


  1. Remember that anything in excess is bad, so watch out for surpassing the limit when eating proteins and fats.
  2. Extremely fast weight gain may cause stretch marks and other skin damage.
  3. Eating too much of one food can be especially unhealthy. Make sure to balance your food intake with meats, grains, and vegetables.