How to Lose Weight Forever – Check Out Your Body Transformation

For many people weight loss is a chronic endeavor. All too often the shedding of pounds is a temporary event followed by a steady regain of lost weight. Most popular diets are unsuccessful in the long run because they fail to address the multi-faceted nature of what successful, permanent weight loss entails.

Keeping an ideal weight for some of us is not an easy task, myself included. It takes planning and commitment. A healthy lifestyle is what we all need.

How to Lose Weight Forever

  1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water  each day – this helps flush your body of impurities and fat. You can also substitute a few glasses of water for green or herbal tea.
  2. Break up your meals into 5 or 6 smaller ones – this will help speed up your metabolism and keep you from getting too hungry in between meals.
  3. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake – these are packed with vitamins.
  4. Decrease your fat intake – try for no more than 20 grams per day.
  5. Exercise for 30 minutes each day – take a walk, or play a game with your kids. Just get moving.
  6. Find a hobby – take up knitting or painting to keep your hands busy.
  7. Don’t eat that late night snack – Try not to eat for at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  8. Listen to your body – your body will tell you when it is full, hungry, stressed, tired. Learn the signs and obey what your body is telling you.
  9. Increase your fiber – choose whole grain pasta and bread.
  10. Cleanse and detoxify – this may be the most important. Rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals, while allowing it to function normally.

Tips to Make Your Forever Young

Step 1

  • First you have to understand that dieting should never be a quick and easy little trick that makes you lose weight and fat at the snap of a finger. It is more a way of life, not a one time deal. So when you decide to live healthier, not to just look better but to live a longer and fuller life, then please read on.

Step 2

  • Understand EATING IS NOT YOUR ENEMY! How many times have we heard from obese people: “I’ve only eaten once today… I’m on a diet.” This is THE WORST way to get healthy! You know who eats like that? Bears… tigers… lions… we are human beings, let us live like one.

Step 3

  • Use eating as a tool to lose weight. Do you know that eating actually makes you burn calories? Of course it does… the stomach is one of the largest organs in the body, and uses energy/calories just like your quads or brain does. Yes, most times what you eat will outweigh the calories spent on digesting the food. However, how about closing the gap between the two? Imagine eating a quarter pound of celery or a quarter pound of rocky road ice cream… both are mostly water , but I assure you, one will help you lose weight more than the other.

Step 4

  • Now we know WHAT to eat, the next key is, WHEN do we eat? To put it simply, you want to make your body work often for its food, and feed it when it wants it real badly. This means eating 5-6 times a day, and try to eat your largest/heaviest meal within one hour after a good workout when your body is yearning to burn some grub to rebuild itself. This is also the best time to take in some protein, like a steak or even a hamburger.

Step 5

  • I know what you are thinking… That is a lot of food, there is no way I am losing weight ! Well this is the problem. When I go to an average American restaurant, I see mostly fit people either order small or take a lot of food home. The obese people? I NEVER see them take a doggy bag. That is the issue… portion control. Eating 2500 calories a day in 2 meals of 1250 cals each is devastating to you as opposed to eating five 500 calorie meals every 2-3 hours. In the first case, your body works twice in the day… second case, your body works 5 times. Do the math.

Step 6

  • Not ALL fat is bad for you! In fact, most people quit dieting because it makes them feel miserable doing it. Who wants to eat celery 3 times a day, and then steamed fish for dinner, and just an apple for the last snack? I like apples, don’t get my wrong, but eating like that will make you feel hunger pangs ALL day, and the psychological stress will not allow you to keep that diet up. Instead, workout and EARN that steak (better make it a 4-6 oz now, careful!) and have some veggies on the side.


  • Forget about quick weight loss. It is dangerous for your health.
  • Be committed to a healthy you. For you and your family.