How to Lose Weight in a Week at Home

How to Reduce Weight in 7 Days – Useful Tips

{SCA} For some figuring out how to shed those extra pounds can be one really tough task plus it really depends a lot on the type of lifestyle you lead. However, although difficult, dropping pounds is not impossible.

Let me give you some tips regarding how to lose weight fast at home. These tips cost nothing and really work. They are fast, but not fast enough to give you miraculous results overnight or within a fortnight.

The following list of 10 easy ways to lose weight, culled from WebMD, Reuters, HealthScoutNews, and iVillage, targets small easy-to-make changes in your diet. Do one at a time. Do each for three weeks and it will become a habit. Then move on to the next change.

Eat Breakfast

The majority of dieters who are actually successful at losing weight AND keeping it off have one thing in common: They eat breakfast every day. How can adding calories be good? “My guess is that eating breakfast helps you spread out your hunger and manage your food intake better throughout the day,” Dr. James O. Hill, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, told Reuters. “If you start out the day by eating something, you don’t get this burning hunger later that causes you to overeat.” When you skip breakfast it also slows down your metabolism. Best menu: yogurt, fruit, whole-grain cereal, and low-fat milk.

Don’t Skip Any Meals

Lose weight by eating! Cool diet plan! If you’re serious about losing weight, never go more than five hours without eating. Eat three meals a day and choose a healthy snack between lunch and dinner.

Be Active or Exercise For 30 Minutes a Day

This isn’t as painful as it sounds. Walking to the bus stop, taking the steps at work, or actually sweating on a treadmill all count for this half-hour of activity.

Drink Water Instead of Soda

Sweetened drinks–juices, iced tea, and soda–can pack a wallop of 300 calories! Drink water instead. Load up a glass or sipper bottle with crushed ice, fill with water, and add a twist of lemon or lime. Refill all day long.

Eat Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Every Day

Not only are fruits and veggies low in calories, they’ll fill you up and help prevent all kinds of awful illnesses, cancer and heart disease included. Make it easy! Buy the pre-cut kind so you can just grab and chew.

Pack Your Own Snacks

Instead of raiding the vending machine when hunger strikes at 3 p.m., eat the healthy snack you brought with you from home. Ideas: Pretzels, fruit, carrot sticks, yogurt.

Eat Dinner at Home

Restaurant food is always good–because someone else does the work! But it’s usually high in fat and calories and comes in much larger portions than we need. Eat out only as a treat. Idea for a great home-cooked meal: Pasta dish with veggies. Add shrimp, tuna, chicken breast, or soy crumbles for protein. It’s fast and easy–and delicious.

Buy Small Amounts of Different Fruits

Fruit is a tasty breakfast and snack food, but it’s easy to get bored of the same old thing. Instead of buying a large bag of apples to last a week, buy just two apples. Add a few bananas, nectarines, and some strawberries to your grocery cart as well. “After the third or fourth day of apples, you’ll likely be sick of them,” says Sass. “Mixing up a few different types of apples, one pear, one banana will keep you from getting bored.

Eat the Heavy Foods First

News reports a cool trick from the journal Appetite that may help you eat less at meals: When you start eating a meal, eat the heavy foods first. If you eat the lighter foods, such as pasta and vegetables first, you won’t fill up as fast. That means you’ll still have lots of room for everything else. So do the opposite. Begin with soup, which is very filling, or the meat entree. By filling up soon after you sit down, you may not eat everything on your plate – and you’ll cut down on calories. Hey, it’s worth a try!

Five Foods to Eat – Five to Avoid

Weight loss coach Jonny Bowden, the author of “Jonny Bowden’s Shape Up! The Eight-Week Plan to Transform Your Body, Your Health, and Your Life” and the creator of what we’ll call “The Fives Diet,” says you should add these five foods to your diet: fiber, raw vegetables, berries, nuts, and protein. You also should eliminate from your diet these five foods: Pasta, most bread, commercial cereals, sodas, and packaged goodies, including cookies, cakes, pies, crackers, and desserts.