Top 5 Best Meal Replacement Shakes Reviews

Unfortunately, there is a misbelief that meal replacement shakes are intended for bodybuilders and professional athletes only. However, any person who want to either manage weight or substitute a full meal can experience the benefits of a MR shake. These products supply the essential nutrients and minerals to the organism. Besides, it is possible to use shakes for both gaining and losing weight.

When it comes to choosing the best MR product for your needs, many people face a challenge, because the market is overfilled with brands offering various flavors, ingredients, packages and prices. All these parameters should be taken into account when selecting a proper shake. Besides, a lot of data can be found on various web services like A major attention should be paid to content of calories, protein, sugar, fats, carbs vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other essential components. The best MR shake should be natural and safe.

The following list of the five best reviews of MR shakes will be very helpful for both beginners and experienced users.

18 Shake

18 Shake is the most attractive solution in the market. It is difficult to find any flaw in this product. One serving of 18 Shake offers 90 calories and 15 grams of top class whey protein. The shake contains only natural components without any soy, GMO or synthetics. The users admit its performance and great chocolate taste. The price of such qualitative shake is really impressive, since you can obtain 30 servings for around $60.

Yoli YES Shake

YES Shake is also a natural product. It lags a bit behind 18 Shake in such parameters as protein (12 grams per serving), and energy value (80 calories). However, Yoli Shake offers numerous vegetables and minerals combined in patented formula. The shake is really good, although you can find some negative feedbacks relating to dissatisfactory taste.

GNC Lean Shake

This weight loss product is also popular among consumers despite of some significant drawbacks. First of all, the protein content is rather low. One serving supplies only 9 grams of this key ingredient. Besides, there are artificial sweeteners in this shake that reduces its safety. Nevertheless, we should note that GNC Lean Shake demonstrates a decent suppression of appetite and attracts users with low price – $35 per package.

Shakeology Shake

This product remains in the top of meal replacement shakes despite of its overestimated price. It is hard to believe but a package of Shakeology costs around $120. Unfortunately, the quality of ingredients do not correspond to their value. The protein is a blend of several sources, most of which are plant protein. Nevertheless, the shake shows great performance and offers delicious taste. By the way, it has the largest energy value among the competitors – 160 calories.

Herbalife Formula 1

This shake is a rather popular MR product. It offers good taste and affordable price ($35). However, the main drawbacks of Herbalife Formula 1 are high sugar content (9 grams), low protein (9 grams) and presence of soy. Unfortunately, users are not satisfied with the efficiency of this product.