Effective Acne Care Tips for Asian Skin

One of the most common skin problems of Asians is acne. It is especially more prevalent in the stages of puberty and teenage years. Acne care for Asian skin is not too different from any other races be it Caucasians, African-Americans, etc. All skin needs basically the same care and attention.

Acne Care for Asian Skin

Most people probably don’t see any reason why there should be specific guidelines so far as acne care for Asian skin, because after all; skin is skin. The truth is that there are subtle differences between different ethnicities when it comes to texture, and how their skin reacts to certain stimuli. What might work with your skin just fine may be extremely irritating to your ethnic neighbor.

  • Wash your face 2-3 times in a day using a mild soap. If you wash more then you will get a better result.
  • Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily. Water will eject the toxins from the body and provides nourishment and rejuvenation.
  • People with oily skin must use a good quality cleanser daily. You should choose the cleanser according to your skin type.
  • Toning will remove dirt, if any, left behind after cleansing. Toning the skin will help the skin benefit from other products, toning should be done after cleansing the face. For oily skin, toning has to be twice a day, for dry skin toning has to be done once a day. Toning helps in reducing the pores and balances the pH level in the skin.
  • In hot climate use a sun block cream with SPF more than 40. This will helps you from wrinkles, age spots etc.
  • Any kind of soap or cleanser that makes big bubbles can break down the stratus corneum, the outermost layer of living skin. People who have Asian skin types, and especially people who have Japanese skin types, are especially sensitive to detergents. Not only do sudsing, foaming, big-bubble soaps and cleaners not clear up the skin, they can even cause worse breakouts of tiny pimples almost immediately after contact. Most people who are of Asian descent should wear gloves when handling any kind of detergent. Any skin cleanser should make a thin, creamy lather with barely visible bubbles.
  • During the winter, the dry air can play havoc on your complexion so use a moisturizer that is formulated specifically for sensitive skin in order to ward off dry, itchy or flaky skin. Also be sure to limit your facial cleansing to once per day.
  • It may be necessary to mention that having oily skin does not mean you do not need this full regimen, including moisturizing. This is because your excess oil secretion does not compensate for the moisture that your skin needs.
  • Include sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining the smoothness of the skin. Vitamin B7 is very useful in reducing acne and relates ailments.
  • You can use a facial scrub; gently rub the face with the scrub. It will remove dirt, oil (sebum) and dead skin from the face.
  • When acne is a continuing problem, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. Contact a dermatologist with experience treating Asian patients for a consultation. The doctor can offer a number of effective treatment options for acne care for Asian skin, including prescription medications.