Top 10 Extremely Important Child Eye Care Tips

Contrary to popular belief, eye disease is not just an affliction of the elderly, it can cause vision loss in babies, children, teenagers and adults alike. Good vision is important for growing kids, especially as they begin reading and going to school. Eye care for children, read these some tips for better knowing the eye care for children, diet and some special activities like contact sports are the most important factors to take care of for childhood eye care.

The Most Effective Eye Care Tips for Children

  1. Provide your child with a balanced, nutritious diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and yellow vegetables such as pumpkin and carrot will help to keep your child’s eyes healthy.
  2. Reduce time spent on playing games in hand-held electronic devices, or hand phone games and other computer-related activities such as blogging and internet chats.
  3. Television should be watched at a proper viewing distance of 3.5 meter or more in a well lighted room.
  4. You should change your child’s habit of staring at the computer screen for long hours. This causes eye exhaustion. To avoid it the monitor of the computer needs to be laid a little lower than the level of his/her eyes.
  5. When in the sun, make sure your child wears sunglasses with UV to protect their eyes from damaging UV rays.
  6. Wash your spectacles at least once a day or whenever they are dirty, using soap and water and then wipe them clean with a soft cloth.
  7. Protective goggles are also recommended while swimming; they prevent inflation due to chlorine and reduce the risks of eye infections.
  8. Rubbing eyes frequently can cause germs to spread and lead to infections. Such as children with conjunctivitis should not rub their eyes as it can worsen the ill effects of the virus. Cleanliness of eyes needs to be given topmost priority.
  9. Outdoor activities should not include reading or playing hand-held games outdoors. Instead, encourage your child to engage in fun activities that involve body movements to increase physical fitness.
  10. Encourage your child to take a break after 30-40 minutes of near work such as reading or writing. Your child should look at distant objects for 3 to 5 minutes. They could look out of the window into the distance.

Hope you will like them these useful eye care tips for kids. Do share your experiences with us in the comment section below and if you know any tip about eye care so please with us.