Natural Solutions For Hair Loss: Effective Remedies

Hair loss is a matter of grave concern for both men and women as it affects their social milieu and their own psyche in terms of self worth. Hair loss or alopecia is the thinning of hair from the scalp and other parts of the body. But a thinning scalp is more common in men and women as they approach 50. Baldness is also more common in men than in women. In men, hair loss is also called androgenic alopecia. It is generally heredity based and occurs when an excess of male hormones surrounding the hair follicles block hair growth. The other reasons for hair loss could be stress, deficiency of iron and zinc, certain hair styling and hair products, and medical treatments like chemotherapy. There are plenty of hair loss treatments that are available today. In spite of the plethora of treatments, many of them are ineffective or have a placebo effect. Minoxidil and finasteride are the main hair loss treatments that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Results show that these drugs are 50% effective among persons who have used it. They are quite successful in restoring hair growth in male pattern baldness. If the reason behind hair loss is skin and fungal infection, the drug ketoconazole, which is a hair stimulant, is used. The treatment for hair loss using this drug is given only to men as it can cause severe birth defects in male fetuses in women.

Hair Loss Causes

There are many things that aggravate the problem of hair loss. The major ones are:

  • Stress is the root cause of any problem and the hair loss problem is also associated with stress.
  • Severe or prolonged illness of about 2 to 3 months. Any major surgery also leads to hair loss.
  • Hair loss also occurs because of disbalance in harmones. Like overactive or underactive thyroid glands leads to hair fall. If any male or female harmones such as androgens or estrogens are out of balance the the hair fall occurs.
  • Baby’s delivery in mother also leads to hair loss.
  • Intake of strong medicines causes hair loss.
  •  Major hair loss occurs because of some fungal infection and diabetes.

Hair Loss Remedies

Amla Oil

A good solution to have strong and healthy looking hair, amla oil helps in stimulating new growth of hair. Boil the amla plant mixed with coconut oil and use it regularly on your scalp. This solution helps add nutrients to hair root and have long strong hair. Amla is widely used as shampoo also; mix amla with lime and use it on affected areas as shampoo.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used as a great remedy for many skin and hair problems from ancient time. Though basically used in lotions and creams for skin and face, it is also helpful in prevention of baldness in men’s hair. Regular usage of Aloe Vera helps add nitric oxide to body which generates more hair growth in men.

Red Pepper

Another element that is considered as a strong anti hair loss solution is the red pepper or red capsicum. Helping boost blood circulation to the scalp area, red pepper generates cell division and hair growth quickly.

Safflower Oil

Regular use of safflower oil on affected area helps to add nutrients to hair roots and enlarge the blood vessels which in turn cause better blood circulation. Safflower oil also ensures new growth of hair in balding areas.

Saw Palmetto and Dong Quai

Saw Palmetto plant is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols which helps prevent development of DHT in scalp and thus significantly reduces hair loss. Dong Quai is another Chinese plant that has herbal qualities of hair loss prevention. Both these plants are widely used from early years in anti hair fall home based treatment.

Fenugreek Plant

Soak the Fenugreek plant in water for 12 hours and then apply the water on affected area. Keep a cloth tied on your head for atleast three hours after applying this liquid solution. Repeat regularly and see how it helps to slow down your hair loss problem and also adds more healthy hair growth.

Try out the various home remedies and enjoy watching your tresses grow back in health and shine. Other than home remedies, you can also opt for pharmacy products of hair loss. Made of natural organic supplements, hair loss pharmaceutical products make a good option to avail on consultation of medical practitioner.