Affective Makeup Ideas for a Round Face

A large, curved forehead with a rounded chin. The face looks full and has very few angles. Cheekbones are clearly wider than brow bone and jaw line. Widest point is at the cheeks and ears. A round face lacks dominant facial features and the principal object is to counter the roundness of the face and give it a long and elongated shape. To make the face appear longer, use makeup to create lightness from the lower lip to the chin and from the brows to the hairline.

Make Up Tips For Round Faces


This would add counters to the face and conceal the defects. This would make the face look slim and many round face celebrities prefer doing this. A lighter shade of foundation than a natural skin color and sponging the fore head, cheeks and chin in the upward direction would make the face look long and a darker shade of the concealer on the chin, jaw line would hide the visible double chin. Use of little powder after this would give brightness and shine to the face.


Using some blush and shimmer on cheekbones will give a length to the face and divert the viewer’s attention. Bronze colored blush would look great and use of big fluffy brush would make the work more easier. If not sure as where to apply then just tabbing and brushing in semi circles (anti clockwise) will be a better idea.


The application of the eye liner should be thin and long. The bronze eye shadow can add to the look. Generally the blush and eye shadows have to be of more or less the same shades.


Use lip liners and gloss of same color and smudge it well. Dark colors will look great and make it look luscious and shiny this would help you to keep people’s eyes away from the shape of your face.

Eye brows

For a round face, the eyebrows need to be curved high, thin and dark, for that, use an eyebrow pencil and trimmer.


Hair styles covering the forehead and pony tails would make the chubby faces look prettier with these round face make up tips mentioned above. For longer hair, curling the ends would give a good bounce so that the face is well outlined.


  • If skin is on the dry side, put a little moisturizer in the cup of water and stir.
  • If additional shading is desired to slenderize face even more, the darker foundation can be used to shade the temples and jaw line before applying the translucent powder.